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February KOTH Results
« on: February 26, 2012, 01:28:41 PM »
SatKOTH was fun, we had a lot of great pilots in there. We had a total of 13 pilots and it lasted a little over 2 hours with 7 rounds, wish there were more but Krupnski gave a everyone a run for their money! Congrats to Krupnski for winning the SatKOTH for February. The next months plane he chose is the 109F4

TOC Invitation: Krupnski
WTOC Invitation: DrBone

Round              Plane                 Winner
      1               Spit MK VIII       Redbull
      2               190A5               Krupnski
      3               109K4               DrBone
      4               D3A                  DrBone (wabbit)
      5               109g2               Krupnski (wabbit)
      6               TA152               PattonJR
      7               C202                 Krupnski

Top 5 Killers
DrBone 13 Kills
Krupnski 10 Kills
akELFY   6 kills
Redbull   6 kills
Zeefire3  6 kills

Thank you for all that joined in on the fun! I will see you all at the next SatKOTH!!!!
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Re: February KOTH Results
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2012, 03:25:57 PM »
 :aok Krupcake
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Re: February KOTH Results
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2012, 05:02:46 PM »
   FriKOTH was unusual because we had a abundance of wabbits. It seemed if you won a round fate would give you another win right after and you would be a wabbit. In the end we had too many wabbits and not enough wabbit hunters. The event lasted about two and a half hours with just over a dozen fliers. We flew nine rounds and had four wabbits fighting for the win.
Congratulations and salute to Bruv119. He was our first wabbit and survived the onslaught to win. The F4U-1A was chosen for March's first ride.

Round by round results:
[1] Bruv119 in a Bf 109K-4
[2] MK84 in a Spitfire Mk.IX
[3] Bruv119 in a Me 262A-1   (Wabbit)
[4] MK84 in a Bf 109F-4   (Wabbit)
[5] RedBull in a Mosquito Mk. VI
[6] RedBull in a F4U-1C   (Wabbit)
[7] DejaVu in a Bf 109K-4
[8] DejaVu in a P-47N   (wabbit)
[9] Bruv119 wins in a P-38G

Tournament Of Champions invitations will be reserved for: Bruv119
wKOTH invitations will be reserved for: DejaVu, MK84, RedBull

Top Killers were: Bruv119-17, MK84-13, yarbles-9, Google-8.

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