Welcome to the skins administration home

Welcome to the Aces High III skins information and downloads page.

Here you can read about and download skins.

If you wish to just download all the 1256 skins , there are two links below. Download and execute them both.

The first half of Aces High III Skins (1.19GB)
The secound half of Aces High III Skins ( 1.19GB)

In the following panels you will be able to select the individual planes, vehicles, or boats and follow the link to each individual skin. You can also download the entire group of skins for any given plane, vehicle or boat.

 Plane, Vehicle, Boat Selection Select the plane, vehicle, or boat for which you wish to see the skins for.

Download the entire batch of P-51D skins
Note: Extract the skins from the ZIP file into the Aces High III "skins" folder, where the game is installed on your computer.

Select a skin to review and/or download.

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