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Title: Memory question
Post by: -lynx- on August 02, 2000, 05:25:00 AM
Just wondering if anyone can explain in simple terms what the difference is between CL2 and CL3 memory? They are basically the same price?

All this "unbuffered", "ECC" and "non-parity" stuff is awfully confusing too (

Can someone please-please explain the basics without going into too much detail and help make a decision with helpful "good"/"not as good as.." comments? Tom's Hardware page is still listing EDO stuff and I've found it's explanations about memory to be rather vague...

I have 128MB PC133 made by Micron (16x72, unbuffered,ECC,CL3) and am considering replacing another 128MB (2x64MB PC100) with PC133... Do I go for the same type? Or shall I get 16x64, non-parity,CL2 (5 cheaper)? And what's a "registered" DIMM type (13 more expensive)?


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Title: Memory question
Post by: MrBill on August 02, 2000, 08:46:00 AM
More information on memory than you can use. (
on the leftside of the page select memory from the dropdown list under the reviews heading, then click go.

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