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Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: duffus on July 30, 2001, 01:33:00 PM
I just purchased a new computer that had the Radeon card included.  I've heard good things about it but it really is a dog.  I have a GTS Geforce 2 in my other computer giving FPS in the 40's at 1600x1200, 32 bit.  This card will not go past 37 FPS in 1024x768 no matter if it is 32 or 16 bit.  I bump it up to 1280x1024 and forget it.  The FPS are in the teens.

So.... I go out and spend 90 bucks on a Geforce2 MX 64MB card (The Celeron version of the Geforce2) and I'm getting steady FPS in the 50's at 1024x768.

Buyer beware, unless I'm totally messing the Radeon up....stick with Geforce.
Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: mason22 on July 30, 2001, 03:31:00 PM
stud....fatty has a radeon DDR, ask im, i think he's getting pretty good FPS.

driver issue?
Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: Fatty on July 30, 2001, 03:55:00 PM
A lot of people like 7075 from the ati support site (, but I've had no problems and some increased performance from 7153 from (

What are you running that card on?  That's pretty low even for shipped drivers.
Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: Makarov1 on July 30, 2001, 05:11:00 PM
Studley, what OS are you running? The Win2000 drivers are not up to par as far as speed compared to the Win9x drivers. If you have Win2000 then that's probably why you're getting slower performance than others are saying. I had to give up on my Radeon and stick to my GeForce2 GTS because I use Win2000. Not sure if they will ever come out with fast Radeon Win2K drivers. Many have been waiting a long time for them.

Of course if you're running Win9x then I'm not sure why you have low FPS.
Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: bashwolf on July 30, 2001, 06:33:00 PM
I like my ATI RADEON 64mb VIVO using omega 1.2.3 drivers.  I have good frame rate in 40's which plenty for me whith everything on.  Picutre clear n crips.  I also got 3drage Tweak which I have yet to CO my video card.  Its not as fast the Geforce but close enough for the price and movie editing etc  :)

Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: -lynx- on July 31, 2001, 06:53:00 AM
Radeon 64 DDR VIVO here too - absolutely no problems with the frame rate under Win98SE (AH). Absolutely no problems with the FR in other things under Win2K...

I guess you might have an issue with drivers/setup...
Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: Vermillion on August 01, 2001, 07:58:00 AM
Not sure what your problem is, but my Radeon 32meg DDR is running 90+fps in 1280x1024 and that is with synch on.

You sure your refresh rate is set to something screwy in the driver settings?
Title: Radeon 64 DDR
Post by: Fishu on August 01, 2001, 04:57:00 PM
I must admit I've got better FPS too.. and far greater in the smoke than with TNT2.
TNT2 = 5 fps in smoke... Radeon.. well I dusted whole field and lowest was 14 FPS that I saw and it was for split second.