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Title: rocks
Post by: funkedup on August 01, 2001, 06:54:00 PM
FWIW I had a good experience with them buying components for a new system.  Prices were better than what I could find locally, especially on a "bare drive" HDD.  Motherboard/CPU/RAM/Fan combo worried me because the assembly was a place they could screw up.  All the stuff I bought works great and the highest CPU temp I have seen is 120 deg. F on an Athlon 1333.   :)

Also thanks to Skuzzy for recommending  I got a nice price on a case with AMD approved PS there: (
Title: rocks
Post by: Animal on August 01, 2001, 07:42:00 PM rocks.

I always use them for my shopping needs. Last thing I bought was an IBM Deskstar 60GXP and a 256 stick, all very cheap, and promptly shipped.

They dont diddly you in the bellybutton with shipping like other online vendors do.