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Title: January 2021 KOTH A Results.
Post by: fuzeman on January 23, 2021, 11:09:08 PM
Putting this up a little early as we did have a few things different and wanted to open up a place to chat about them if you wanted to.
First, -{S}- and Congratulations to Violator for the victory!  :aok    In depth round by round results in a day or three.

{1} A few mentioned trying a different field and just before I opened practice I went ahead and moved it from A2-60 mile, to A4-20 mile. I did check a climb-out with our first ride and broke 6k a minute or so before hitting the crater wall so I knew we had time to climb. When only 10 folks showed up, counting me as I did fly, I figured we could comfortably fit in there.
{2} As mentioned I did fly and did have to run the event a few times when I was. I do hope the people I was engaged with at the time didn't think they got short changed or felt like I wasn't giving it my all. I felt like I was making a good show of it  :grin:
{3} We are adding a few invitations that can be earned by attendance or kill total. We've had our first event and the fine details on these may change as we go. Nobody would loose an invitation if the reason they got in was modified. Logs are up and you can go over them. Of course it's early for the attendance one but looking at the total kills, again to be posted in a couple or four days, we had our two wabbits in the first two slots and trogdor was next with 8 kills. So going with January invitations to Violator for winning, Simon for gaining wabbit status and trogdor for next highest kill total with 8, as they were 13, 10, 8 respectively. Again I'm posting this a little earlier than usual for discussion.
Title: Re: January 2021 KOTH A Results.
Post by: Simon on January 24, 2021, 11:39:00 AM
Thanks for hosting fuzeman.

Congrats Violator.

Eagler (109F), Trogdor (-4), those were some palm-sweatering knife fights. A lot of fun.

Sorry I couldn't make it to the end. I hope y'all had fun with the Spit1 round  :banana:

Title: Re: January 2021 KOTH A Results.
Post by: Lazerr on January 24, 2021, 01:22:35 PM
How did the smaller base thing go? I was out of town and couldnt make this month.
Title: Re: January 2021 KOTH A Results.
Post by: fuzeman on January 24, 2021, 04:35:26 PM
It worked OK with the 10 we had. If we had 20 it would have been crowded.
At least thatís my view.
Title: Re: January 2021 KOTH A Results.
Post by: fuzeman on January 30, 2021, 01:36:56 PM
Apologies for the delay, this is the latest I've posted logs in a while.

January's KOTH was pretty sparse lasting just over an hour and a paltry six rounds. We only had 10 people taking off, which included the host :o), but managed a pair of wabbits, sort of. One had to leave and it seems many people did not renew their wabbit hunting license from 2020.
Congratulations and -{S}- to Violator for the victory. He chose the P 47D-11 for February's first chariot of battle.

Round by round results:
1} Violator in a F4U-1A
2} Violator in a Bf 109F-4   {Wabbit}
3}  trogdor in a Spitfire Mk. V
4}  Simon in a Fw 190A-5
5}  Simon in a F4U-4   {Wabbit}
6} Violator wins in a Spitfire Mk. I

Violator, Simon, and trogdor, with new rules, all earn reservations to the TOC.
We also have a attendance slot that I'll have to update. If you missed January you can still get this one as one absence wont eliminate your chances.
Top killers were Simon-13, Violator-10, trogdor-8, Eagler and TC-4
Logs can be found at