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Weekly Events (Jan 19-25)
« on: January 27, 2004, 05:55:37 PM »
Gents and Ladies  :)

Firstly, let me say this will be my last Weekly Events announcement as next Monday, February 2nd, I will be stepping down as Head CM and Ghostdancer will be taking my place.  :)  I am sure you will join me in wishing him a successful year in his new role.  He has been a great asset to me as my XO over the last year and I am confident he will fulfil his new role with the complete professionalism I have seen him demonstrate on many occasions.  Congratulations, Ghostdancer!    :D
In support of the upcoming Ruhr Scenario, the Snapshot team will run a modified version of "A Milk Run" on Wednesday Jan 28 at 2200 Eastern and on Thursday Jan 29 at 1500 Eastern (2000 UK/2100 CET).
We will be using the new Ruhr terrain, Ruhr planeset and many of the same arena settings that will be used in the Ruhr Scenario next month.
Both frames will use normal snapshot scoring.  

Skyfoxx will be your host on Wednesday while Camo will run Thursday’s version.
The link above will give you some of the basic info for "A Milk Run" but please keep in mind that the actual arena settings, targets etc for this special Ruhr edition will only be found in the MOTD.  A copy of the MOTD will be added to this post early next week.
CO spots are open and if you would like to volunteer for the position, you may contact Skyfoxx here in advance or before the frame begins.

As always, walkons are welcome but we want to extend this special invitation to all registered Ruhr pilots and squadrons for what should be an enviroment for some valuable practice time and of course, a lot of fun.
Roll time is Wednesday is 2200 Eastern in the SEA but please be early so we can get underway on time. There will only be time for one frame due to terrain distances.
The Snapshots are walk on events, so everyone is welcome - just turn up, choose a side and play. :)
Friday this week is the break between SquadOps....  :)

On Saturday, the CAP continues with Frame 42 - details TBD -  starting at 1730 Eastern (2230 UK/2330 CET).  This is another walkon event, but squads are also welcome to take part.  Anyone interested in helping with making plans for either side can apply to join their side's private forum.  See Swoop's private forum thread for details how to get involved.  :)

The Sunday SquadOps continue with Frame 3 of Ghostdancer's Invasion Phillipines 1941 at 1500 Eastern (2000 UK/2100 CET), with BlkKnit as Setup CM/Host.  

To register your squad for the Friday and/or Sunday Squad Operations, post a message in the SquadOps Forum for now (while the events website is being relocated) and Ghostdancer will then get in touch to confirm registration and start dates.

Logs of all our events can be found here:

All our events are posted on the  Calendar and I also have my own version on my website:

Keep in touch with all our events by subscribing to the AH Special Events Email List by:
1. Sending an Email to or
2. Going to the web site and registering -
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