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Weekly Events (February 16-22)
« on: February 16, 2004, 04:39:57 PM »
Gents and Ladies  :)

OK, I did say that I wouldn't be doing these any more, but Ghostdancer has asked me to continue for the time being - so yer stuck with me for a while!  :p

So, we start off this week's events with the Wednesday Snapshot which will be Tigers over Rangoon at 2200 Eastern,  hosted by Slash.

On Thursday, Ace108 will be host for the European-timed Snapshot at 1500 Eastern (2000 UK/2100 CET), Rabaul.

The Snapshots are walk on events, so everyone is welcome - just turn up, choose a side and play. :)
On Friday, Frame 3 of the current Friday SquadOp, Daddog's Battle of Kasserine continues, with Innomin8 as Setup CM.

The CAP is currently taking a break to make way for the current Scenario but will return to start back at the beginning of the War after the scenario is over.  This is another walkon event, but squads are also welcome to take part.  Anyone interested in helping with making plans for either side in the meantime can apply to join their side's private forum.  See Swoop's private forum thread for details how to get involved.  :)

This Saturday, Frame 3 of the Ruhr Scenario will take place at 1500 Eastern/2000 UK/2100 CET (1430 Eastern/1930 UK/2030 CET for Bombers), with Bikekil as Lead CM and Tilt as Setup CM.  Registered players should be in the SEA 30 minutes before their launch time and, as always, walkons will be welcome and should report to the Training Arena.  This is to allow plenty of time for any withdrawing and joining of SEA squads, as anyone not 'in uniform' when the scenario starts will be asked to leave.  Come along and enjoy this historical event.  ;)

The Sunday SquadOps are taking a break while the scenario is in progress.

The new Events Server is now in operation and is a one-stop website with details of all our events.  Registration for the Friday or Sunday SquadOps can also now be done on the site, here.  Please be sure to read and understand the rules before signing up.  You will then be contacted by the SquadOps Team Leader who will let you know when you can start participating.  

Whatever events you take part in, HAVE FUN!  They make an enjoyable change from the MA!  :D

Logs of all our events can be found here:

All our events are posted on the  Calendar and I also have my own version on my website:

Keep in touch with all our events by subscribing to the AH Special Events Email List by:
1. Sending an Email to or
2. Going to the web site and registering -
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