Author Topic: "dont Move Controls Rapidly "  (Read 264 times)

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"dont Move Controls Rapidly "
« on: February 25, 2004, 12:19:38 AM »
The other day i downloaded AK AK ,s stick dampening settings and now i get the dont move controls rapidle message during even the mildest acm,s any ideas ??????? this is really getting anoying :mad:

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"dont Move Controls Rapidly "
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2004, 02:33:35 AM »
Got to the stick setup in AH configuration and recalibrate your stick.

Then look at the blue graph were you can see your input.

Move the controls to different positions,for each position(*) try to have a stable input
If there if the lines look "noisy" you should try to increase deadzone.

(*) I mean upper left then upper  front then upper right or intermediate position