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JOB OPPORTUNITY , Secretary needed...
« on: February 04, 2000, 03:11:00 AM »
Well, we go (Turning left and nose down in that 190's six     ...)
First of all, I would like to apologise to all the guys that might have asked me something last evening (GMT) as I was quite snowed and never even saw that text buffer...let me explain.
After Downloading 1.01 and running it Bee and I decided to have a go at Roger Wilco, as we were already winging. Bee waited for ma as he was more fortunate than me in connection speed (could not get something better than 28.8 yesterday) and it took a while to Download the patch. We took of from F2 since F5 was under steady attack...Both of us climbed in Nikkis, Bee with 100% fuel, and myself with 75%...This was a totally different ball game with RW (Roger Wilco) on...(LOL, funny thing with Bee was that we are BOTH Belgians , but had to speak English     ). Climbing up to 20K Bee and I chatted about the techniques we would be using to engage (I was introduced to "loose goose"...thank god, my wife didn't hear that...     ).

Coming nearly over F5 we spot multiple dots below, but figure that these are already engaged by friendlies...we decided to stay High and check out those high spots further on. I can't really go through each fights e went through (Thank me for that, otherwise the filesize of this thread might reach the limits of the HTC server     ). Only this we came back three times (1st time I ran out of Ammo, had to ditch , ditched...some guy shot me{fair enough}, I Bailed out....and was shot in my chute 2 minutes later...     ). Sorry, Digressing....Back to it : Always near to each other, we were now zooming on a con, while the other was trailing higher, and switched positions (Nr1, Nr2) regarding who was in best position or defensive...(My gunnery improved a lot since I read the reply from Hitech to the gunsight range... ). This was a real blast since none of us two was ever with a safe bandit on his six for long    .

{I was at a point chased by a Spit, this is the "radio log"}
{Bee}"Watch six"
{Saw}"CC,saw him, dragging..."
{Bee} "Turn a bit left, I'm D1.5 from the con"
{Saw} "CC, turnin right...."
{Bee} "closing," (Tip of tongue is now popping out of mouth corner....)
{Saw} "Dragging straight..." (Sweating a lot, flying +/- straight, using rolls....)
{Bee} "Clear"
{Saw} "cc, nose up, cons 2'O clock level, let's get some E...."

You get the feeling    

Now, the problem with this is the Chat bar, I as totally concentrated on working as a team with Bee, and could never find the time to type anything while in the heat of combat...and could barely see if something was being written on there...

What I would need , is someone who could type these for me, I will ask my wife, and am sure she will accept.........NOOOOT!!!
This is where the JOB OPPORTUNITY comes in....:
Fast typing secretary needed :
Hair colour : Not important
(_l_) preferably (See the BB bar for translation)
Hours :  18:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT (Lodging included if (_l_)...)
30 US$ / month...
Swindon / UK

One last word : There was a guy up F5 with a FW190, and I have to pull my hat up for him, I don't know who you are, but...We were 5 chasing us at a time, that guy was rolling in his AC faster than his prop !...I, personally never managed to catch him...Bee finally did after a full 5 minutes chase...I met him later on in his 190 again, but I never managed to get close to him (Not EVEN talking about a gun solution...). That guy knows how to use his 190...<S!>

Again, I apologise to you if you have called will be easier when I start having answers for the Job application    

PS !!!
Lodging NOT Valid if secretary is male...
(Pfew..nearly forgot to mention that...)

DCO 186th Wardogs (Falcon4 Squad)
"Firepower Mate, that is what separates the men from the boys..."

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