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Simulating flight, saving dollars
« on: February 08, 2000, 12:15:00 AM »
Take a look:

"HIS SUPERIORS COULDN’T figure it out: How    could Navy pilot-in-training Lt. j.g. Herb Lacey earn perfect scores on his first flights in the cockpit of a T-34 trainer     when he had never been in a cockpit before?  The answer — video games — and a flight simulator Microsoft sells for around $50 off the shelf. “I’d used the software so much that I was able to practice my procedures and get familiar with the area before I stepped into the cockpit for the first time,” said Lacey. When simulated by Microsoft’s program, the view of the Corpus Christi, Texas, naval air station from the air looks remarkably similar to the perspective Lacey would    have during a real-life flight. “I was amazed at what I saw,” said Adm. Mike   Bucchi, chief of naval air training. After seeing the game for himself, the admiral set up an      experiment — a lab where Navy trainees can practice in their spare time. The results: 54 percent more students scored above average in their training. [...]  Though Microsoft appears to be in the pilots’ seat right      now, the military will be testing out a variety of products, and the competition is on for companies who want to claim their game has the right stuff for the military.."