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« on: January 15, 2006, 02:04:35 PM »
I think what AH really needs is some weather. WWII wasn't fought only on good days. It's true that aircraft were easily grounded due to weather back then, but some low level clouds, fog and wind would make things a little more interesting. Nothing like mountain flying when there partially obscured or trying to land your crippled fighter with a stiff crosswind. This is the one thing that I feel we are really missing. Just a thought...

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It's a wonder nobody has ever thought of it before. Along with subs, nukes, infantry, field artillery, dark, ect.

i dont got enough perkies as it is and i like upen my lancs to kill 1 dang t 34 or wirble its fun droping 42 bombs

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Hmmm... A lot of repeat requests for the same things.  I've only been playing this for over a year.  Suggest using the search functions of this board first.
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