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Version 2.07
« on: March 20, 2006, 02:15:18 PM »
Version 2.07 is now available for download.  Use the auto-updater or see the download page for details.  If you use a max texture size setting of 1024, don't forget to download a new hi-res texture pack from the download page.

Version 2.07 Changes

B-17 was updated with an entirely new shape.  A big thanks to Citabria and Waffle for
providing the interior and exterior skins.

Added a jeep.  Thanks again to Waffle for helping bring this dormant side project back to life.

Made several changes to the flight model affecting static thrust, propeller slipstream effects,
ground effect, flaps and slats.  This affects all planes to one degree or another.  Due to this change, the
table that controls combat trim had to be redone for all planes.

Right clicking the plane list in the hangar now has 2 additional options that allow you to
see charts of the plane's speed and climb performance.

Added stall buffet effect and sound.

Added a shaking effect to gunners when they fire their guns.

External view is now always available to fighters online when they are on the ground.  

B-17 cheek guns now function again.  They are not mannable positions but will join the firing from the
chin position when their fields of fire overlap.

Changed vehicle control so that vehicles do not automatically try to hold heading.  There is now an
Hold Heading function for vehicles that is defaulted to Key X.  If you have remapped any key functions
in the past, you will need to manually map this function if you want to use it.

Stars are back in the night sky.

Added a .goto PlayerID command that takes you to that player's airfield.  This has the same
functionality as right clicking a player on the roster and selecting "Go To" from that menu.

sounds are no longer shipped as raw files.  Custom sounds are still supported and work as before.

Fixed a CTD bug in the mission editor interface.  This could also cause CTD's in other areas when navigating
the interface.

Fixed a terrain bug that caused vehicles to go beneath the ground, vehicles to flip, and other mayhem.

Range Vox now works when you are an observer.

H2H hosts can now post a login message.

Added attack mode to Seafire.

Changed top speed performance of the 109G-14 in emergency power.

Fixed the head position limitations on the 163 so that you can't move your head position too far aft.

109 tail sections should not break off as easy.

Changed the properties of the Il-2's tailwheel so that it's not so bouncy.

Bf 110 gauges were centered.

F4U's had some left over artifacts that didn't disappear when the wing was destroyed.

P-40 landing gear shadows now display correctly.

Changed the Spitfires far shape to keep their wings from disappearing at moderate ranges.

The external flap indicator on the Spits wings had a flicker.

Spitfire shell casings now eject from correct positions.

190D9 no longer takes a big bounce when you first enter the plane.

Fixed some Spitfires that had their wheels sitting just off the ground.

Hurricane I had some leftover artifacts when its wing was destroyed.

Fixed a sorting error with the TBM squad art.

Fixed a display bug with the garage doors in the vehicle hangar.

Fixed a sorting error with the 37mm muzzle flash.

Pilot wound effect in P-51B is now visible from inside the cockpit.

Fixed a sorting error with the Tempest rudder pedals.

Fixed a sorting error with the B-26 instrumetn panel.

Fixed a head position bug in the 109s that allowed the eyepoint to be moved back into the seat cushion.

Fixed a bug in the film viewer that caused hits to be displayed twice.

Ground vehicles now default to full throttle once you begin to push your joystick forward.

Made changes to B-17 stick forces and structural limitations.

16 letter login id's no longer cause problems with the log in.