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Version 2.07 Patch 2
« on: March 30, 2006, 02:52:44 PM »
Patch 2 is now available for download via the autoupdater.  If you want to the manually download it, here are the links.  The download size to update from 2.07 Patch 1 is 2.9 MB.

Update from 2.06 Patch 1:

Update from 2.07 Patch 1:

Version 2.07 Patch 2 Changes

Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to display below ground in certain circumstances.

Adjusted the suspension position on the Jeep.

The jeep can now load nothing or load troops in place of supplies.

The autopilot is now limited to very low G maneuvering.  It can no longer be used to pull out
of steep dives.

B-17 cheek guns now display correctly when firing all guns from a different gun position.

Changed the gunner shake to sync with low rate of fire weapons.  The effect is disabled in
the coaxial guns on the tank.

Fixed a bug in the 109s that was causing the tail to strike the ground often during a landing.

Fixed a dialog bug that was causing problems with selecting 8 letter game ids.

Selecting text in dialog boxes was making the text disappear.

Changed the color of the dialog boxes back to gray.

Changed the position of the B-17 landing gear struts.

Remade the combat trim tables of the Me 262, Ar 234, A-20, Boston, B-17, B-24, B-26, Lancaster
and Ki-67.

B-17 turrets are no longer completely removed at long view distances.

The panzer no longer stops when you're in 1st or reverse gear and jump to a gun position.

Fixed a crash bug in the film viewer caused by certain gunner positions.