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I have film from Saturday of a B24 burning with no wings and flying straight. There were four fighters on this buff and all saw it. Two 190s  expended all their ammo on it to get it in that position.

It's not cheating.... there are just a few bugs need ironing out.
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I still think it's lag.

I was fighting a plane last night and shot it enough to kill it at least 4 times.

It shoulda died the 1st burst.

The SECOND burst for SURE woulda killed it.

The 3rd just ticked me off.

The 4th it just got dumb, and I quit trying.

A short bit later, all those packets finally caught up to the guy I shot up and BOOM they died.  

From the first burst, to them going BOOM was probably 30-45 seconds at least.

I WILL agree that some "odd" things have been happening recently.  I have noticed that my 1st burst, that USED To kill them, isn't.  (not always, just sometimes, and with more and more frequency)  I have to light them up twice to kill them.

Again, not always, and it's the exception as opposed to the norm, but out of say 100 kills, a good 10-15 had to be killed "twice" to be shot down.
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Re: !!Cheaters!!
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Originally posted by Nikora
Of course I sent the film in, but AH customer support team is not the most compassionate group of business men and women:mad:

This is ingorant.  why ignorant?  Because if you actually had  dealt with HTC you'd know that they are a very helpful and responsive  group.

You should post a retraction and admit your slander.


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Re: Top of Thread Post
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Originally posted by Daubie
Have entertained the thought a time or two of modifying source code of my folders.  What do they call it?  Back-engineering, I think it is called.

You will not find any source code in your AH folders - and if you did, you wouldn't need reverse engineering.
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Nikora: These types of issues are always best dealt with directly with HTC.

The thing you saw can happen do to internet issues. And in the end you end up slandering someone who most likely does not know of the issue.