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A Request for Anyone Who Holds An Event...
« on: July 12, 2000, 09:25:00 PM »
When you are hosting an event, please, PLEASE talk to your CM.  

We are all in the process of learning the tools, and it has not been without its own troubles. In particular, setting fields seems to work only after everyone who is participating has arrived. This means the involved fields need to be reset before anyone launches. We can disable all ops, but this doesn't always seem in the best interests.

In tonight's action, we had people launched before the event started, and I had to reset some fields. If anyone was shot as a result, I apologize. It was a necessary evil, I am afraid.  

I think I finally got things sorted out, but it was a rather frustrating experience to say the least.

We may even want to develop a small checklist for any event organizers out there- something to refer to in the heat of the moment when everyone is yelling at you.