Author Topic: AAR Targets Over London Frame 2  (Read 671 times)

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AAR Targets Over London Frame 2
« on: December 03, 2000, 12:27:00 AM »
This was one of most closely fought Snapshots I have witnessed in a while.  

After the slaughter this AM the LW returned with vengeance on their mind.  Busc was LW C.O. and set up the missions for the Axis.  While it was tough to get all the Ju-88 pilots he wanted it turned out they made the difference.

Swager was the first to score a victory for the RAF and moments later he scored a second kill.  Blur also bagged two over England.  Specterx who was the RAF C.O. had a kill awarded and an assist.  Sparx, Wisk each scored a kill.  Also one RAF pilot flew twice and may not have known it was a 1 life event.  He did not score.

The LW made it to their targets and bravely engaged the enemy over the skies of London.  Nhtaz was the first to score and like Swager bagged two enemy and also 1 assist. Busc and Jihad each had 1 kill and 1 assist.  Hblair and wotan each had an assist.  Two of the buff pilots Nexx and Torquila each had a kill and an assist.  They also destroyed 15 ground targets between them, with Nexx blowing up 9 and Torquila 6.  Targets destroyed were fuel tanks, ammo bunkers, ack and barracks.

LW had 105 points
RAF had 100 points

Well done gents! <S> to all who flew!
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AAR Targets Over London Frame 2
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2000, 05:12:00 AM »
Salute!  What a fantastic Snapshot!  I just love the buff snapshots as it makes everyone have to work together to get the job done!  Total immersion!  This has perhaps been my favourite one to date (Malta was good too!).    

Keep up the great work, and special thanks to our escorts!  They actually did escort us this time!    



PS Landing a very beat up Ju88 with one wheel really swung it!  

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AAR Targets Over London Frame 2
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2000, 06:27:00 PM »
wtg Daddog!
<S> it was fun