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V1 Raid-
« on: July 16, 2000, 05:00:00 PM »

We started a little late (as usual, having a wee bit o' trouble setting fields just right). We rounded up about 20 brave souls to run this one. We wound up (eventually) more-or-less even in numbers- initially 12:8 Allied favor, but two latecomers helped fill out the Axis ranks. This would prove ironic later on...

The bombers launched from A15, the P47's from A22. Our target- V59. We climbed for what seemed forever, eventually reaching approximately 18K (at least, that is as high as I managed!). The first two 109's were met by our escort (Dozz and EddieK). They attempted to break through, and one was quickly struck by the tailgunner of a B26. I had been separated from the pack due to radio trouble (hint; set RW before you launch!). I watched the second 109 target me, and he made his pass. He was rushed, and came in a little too shallow. My .50's quickly discouraged him, but he reversed for another try. He came under, nose-to-stern, and again I peppered him. He rolled out neatly on my 6 for a tail chase.

I pour it on, and so does he. I can see hits all over him, but meanwhile I lose one elevator and engine. Finally I take his wing, and away he flutters.

Hurt, losing alt, and far from target, I decide to play the decoy and move away from the pack. My hope is that I will be too inviting a target to ignore. As it happened, the rest of the 109's ignored me and went for the group. I quickly lost so much distance I couldn't see what happened next, but the buffer indicated that more LW types were falling.

Soon I hear Ghost calling vis on the target, and in quick succession the group drops its load. They reverse, and run for home.

Dammit, I have never once made a target in a scenario- today I at least get there! Though losing alt and in hostile territory I press on. I arrive over the target to see the heavy water facilities are still intact- good thing I pushed on, or the whole raid was a bust!   I drop, accurately striking the most critical aspect of the target.

Now to get home. The sky is full of unhappy LW (ok, I looked up and saw 3 109's overhead). I dive for the deck, as there is nothing else left to do. I run along the earth, more hovercraft than aircraft, hoping I can somehow nurse this poor crate home. It is a long flight on one engine, hanging on the edge of stall, watching the fighters circling overhead. TS bravely defends against the marauding 109's, but I tell him I am done for, save himself. Onward I press. Ironically, the latecoming LW pilots arrive at A6 in time to catch the B26 formation in pattern. Very quickly 3 buffs die. I have no choice but to press into the area. I am on the brushtops, listing dangerously to one side as I try to maintain course.

In the end, TS distracts the A6 109 long enough for me to bring that mechanic's nightmare in for a smooth landing. He and the 109 conduct a 5 minute duel that ends in a draw. After TS leaves, the 109 crashed on landing.  

It was a good time, and marks the first time the Allied bombers reached any target in force during a scenario. Salute to all who came and had the patience to bear with us.


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V1 Raid-
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2000, 05:21:00 PM »
Great Story Kieren !! Sounds like a fun time !

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V1 Raid-
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2000, 11:16:00 PM »
It Was  

Great Scenario Kieren, Ghosth,
Keep them coming  

Hamish out!

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V1 Raid-
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2000, 12:31:00 AM »
After having to manually set my plane for the scenario (darn server kept putting me in a Niki! ), I rolled and joined up with Sammu, ts, and DoZZ.  We climbed to about 18K when I think Sammu got discoed......ts took over lead of the flight, and there we were, 3 crazy pilots in loaded down P47's, heading out to face the mighty Luftwaffe and see that our bombers got through.
We didn't get the rendevous perfect, had to circle around and locate the bombers NE of A1.
Just got turned back onto course, when I spotted 2 cons headed our way.  Great thing that RW....they would have been into the buffs before I could warn anyone had I been forced to type!
DoZZ and ts made an attempt to ward off the LW attackers, but in the firing, kieren got dinged but good.  He told ts to "leave me!  Save yourself!"  
I looked to the NW, and spotted multiple cons ib our area.....started a climbing turn to the right to regain a bit of alt.  Hoped I could get into position and drive the bogies off, but 2 of them dropped in to say "HI" with their cannon.  Started a swirling furrball with one of them, thought he was gonna smash into the snow, but he pulled it out and then there we were almost to A5, alt: 3K!
He started what looked like a high yoyo, and I pulled lead and sent a burst into him.  SALUTE to Wotan!  That was at least a 5 minute fight, and we came down from 24K to 3K before the issue was decided!  
Started grabbing alt, trying to catch my comrades and help out if I could.  
Via RW, located ts and went in to help him with a bothersome 109.  
Dove in on the 109's 6, he pulled into a zoom, so I barreled on through and zoomed up for alt while ts came around to nail the guy.
Crossed over kieren again (Man, you flew that darn bird a long ways on one fan!  <S>!)near V59, then got into fight with another 109.  
Round and round and round we went, stall horn blaring, 3 notches of flaps out, and I was slowly gaining a gun solution.....just one...more.....turn.......... ................ and I spun into the ground!   Duma, hats off to a great pilot!  Thought I would have you if I could hold it in the air one more revolution!  
Great fun guys!  Wish more people would join in!

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V1 Raid-
« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2000, 07:41:00 AM »
Well like most good bomber sorties it started as a long uneventfull climb for altitude.

Finally settled on Manifold 40 & RPM 25 as a good cruise speed. The B26 climbed well on that setting while keeping it easy for the rest to maintain formation.

Once we got near to A1 I was apparent that we were in for it. The enemy sector bar filled the sector, and we had 2 cons in our sector.

Upon vis of enemy cons I gave the word to level & man the guns. Was lucky enough to get a couple breaks in the action for course corrections.

Then the sky was clear again (1 long 109 at our 6 I think) and it was time to line up and drop.

Reverseing course I see F6 is the nearest field. We are scattered now after the drop, throttle back some more & pray.

banana is still tight on my right wing.  
Wilbus is 4k back with damage and that lone 109 is harrassing him.

At last we are above F6 and I cut engines & start to spiral down. But the 109's are back,
slashing like wolves through a herd. I start a series of sideslips & hard reverses but I can hear my bird taking pings. I get some pings from the nose MG's as I jockey lower & try to get into position. Extending just a bit for a smooth run in I check the damage board.

At least 3/4 of the items are red, but they are hitting me again. Dive for the ack, get the gear down, flaps down 2 notch's.
Sideslip to spoil their aim.

I am less than 100 yards off the threshold when I explode!

Great scenario guys!
Thanks to Kieren for a great job on CM duties.