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GMT TOD #5 - Allied AAR
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Allied CO AAR:

Our Mission was to Patrol near Front line and watch for enemy Fighters/Bombers.

Blue Flight (Spit IX) :Skyrader(CO) - SCDuckw6, Blitz, Snafu, Fariz
Red Flight (P38L)    :Ceeray(CO) - Bull, Snag, Lupo

Blue Flight took off from F2, but had to land again after a few mins due some problems
with the Comms!   no matter, after checking the comms again Blue Flight finaly took
off from F2 on the way to 12.9.1 to meet Red Flight there at 22k. Red Flight started
from F1. As Red Flight leveled at 23k, Ceeray CO was forced to rtb due engine
problems (disconected). Now Snag become the CO of Red Flight. Blue flight changed
plan to fly to the meeting point as everything showed that the enemy would come in
north of F3, so we went directly to north. Just west of F3 we got contact with 2 groups
of cons, one co-alt at 22-24k, the other slightly higher. We split the flight for a bracket,
SCDuckwing and Blitz went right. When we got ID and it turned out that the lower
group were FW190's with a 109 escort. As we started to close the bracket the FW's
started a diving run away and just speed past us, totaly ignoring us. The 109's however
didn't do us that favor and started engaging. A pretty fast and furious furball errupted
between the escorts and us as e were pretty even in numbers. I got hit during the
Furball and lost my ruder, but was able to fly home to F2.

SCduckw6 :"at 1 point i saw 3 109's going after one of us (can't recall the name..
but suspect it was snafu)... in the ongoing furball i shot of lucchinis elevator and
saw him spin out of control to the ground, then i had a vertical head-on with
funked up, where i lit him of from nose to tail. I saw his airplane go down in
flames trailing thick white and black smoke. I didn't get away untouched either
tho. a cannon round penetrated my radiator and about 1 minute later my engine
seized in the middle of the furball. I was lucky tho and could extend away from
the fight to make a dead stick landing on a farmers field just east of F3 at
location 12,9,1. I had to abbandon the aircraft when i saw a lone 109 closing
after the furball had been dragged away, to take cover in a nearby ditch


Snafu :"I made 1 pass hitting a 109 and then heard "6 Calls" from other
members of the flight. I rolled and pulled into a steep dive and looking
toward's my six saw 3 bandit's follow me down. One "Ping" was heard and
my engine cut. I should have bailed at this point Unfortunatley I tried
to swing round for F3 thinking (A) I could glide and (B) My attackers would
see I was going nowhere but down. Unfortunately they had other ideas and
the next sound was multiple cannon hits and I was dead

Ceeray :"Snag was involved in Split-S`es and went low. He managed to
manouver one 109 down, but didnt get the kill message. I can confirm that
kill because i was "riding" in his cocpit as passenger. After that he evaded
another 109 and was crashed and dead. Bull managed to shot one 109 down
and then c47 too (Snefens and Kirin) , he landed at f4 due shortage of fuel.
Lupo was flying wingman to Bull and got no kills. he landed just short of f4.
I think the plane is salvageable.

Results by pilots:

Fariz      - 2kills (109, c47, Visconty & BeTown) - ditched close to f4
Bull       - 2kills (109, c47, Snefens & Kirin) - rtb
SCDuckw6    - 2kills (109, Lucchini & FunkedUp) - ditched close to Farmers Field (F3)
Skyrader   - 1kill  (109, BigJoe) - rtb
Blitz      - 1kill  (109, Dogftr) - rtb
Snag      - 1kill (109, ?) - crashed dead
Lupo      - ditched in homeland
Snafu      - KIA dead
Ceeray      - rtb due engine problems

Mission objective met

Congratulations to Red & Blue Flight, Axis droped there bombs, but they paid a bloody price !
End of AAR

Skyrider <out>

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