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18 May AAR, Operation Backhand (Snapshot)
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Friday's Snapshot had roughly 25 people in attendence.  The Germans only did 20% damage to the refinery, but did manage to destroy all the Red Air Force planes.  The result was a Russian Victory (neither overwhelming or marginal...but a victory nonetheless), as damage to the refinery was minimal.

The Russians were victorious, though it was in question right up to the end.  The Red Air Force managed to kill 50% of German armor before the Luftwaffe anhilated them. Three Russian tanks made it safely to the refinery and took up defensive positions within the refinery's perimeter.  Two suriving Russian La5's managed to escape and rearm, but were shot down by the numerically superior German aircraft, though not before taking a couple of enemy aircraft down with them.

Three German panzers and an Ostwind approached the refinery and were taken under fire by the surviving Russian tanks. Three Me109's took turns strafing the Russian tanks and refinery facilities, managing to kill the turret and treads on one of the the tanks. One of the Russian tanks actually killed all four German vehicles before they could damage the refinery.  The Me109's for their part reduced the refinery to 80% before running out of ammo.  That's about the size of it.  Nice job by all.  I'm sure it had to be very frustrating for those German tanks that survived the withering fire from the Yak9T's and drove for thirty minutes, just to be picked of by the sharp-shooting Soviet's in their stationary tanks.  Thanks to all who participated.

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