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V-1 Raid -- Friday Night Event -- 6/15/01
« on: June 16, 2001, 09:58:00 AM »
Thanks to all the pilots who attended the event.

The First Frame goes to the LW. They managed to save the V-1's and heavy water stored in the bomber hangars at 6 and 16. Scores follow:

6-15-01 21:19:59 oORKAo Kill Awarded Strab B-26B
6-15-01 21:23:41 Ripsnort Kill Awarded daddog B-26B
6-15-01 21:24:21 supongo Kill Awarded pugg666 P-47D-30
6-15-01 21:24:40 rogwar Kill Awarded festus B-26B
6-15-01 21:24:46 DVx Kill Awarded Ute P-47D-30
6-15-01 21:25:05 rogwar Kill Awarded Toad B-26B
6-15-01 21:25:17 rogwar Kill Awarded pollock1 P-47D-30
6-15-01 21:25:22 MRPLUTO Kill Awarded Sunchasr B-26B
6-15-01 21:25:39 Loner Kill Awarded gunman26 B-26B
6-15-01 21:26:12 RA Kill Awarded AKcurly B-26B
6-15-01 21:28:57 passao Kill Awarded Scooterr P-47D-11
6-15-01 21:30:24 GIJeff Kill Awarded CP177 P-47D-30
6-15-01 21:42:13 supongo Kill Awarded kbman P-47D-11

6-15-01 21:20:30 daddog Kill Awarded Warchild Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 21:20:36 daddog Kill Awarded oORKAo Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:20:36 daddog Kill Awarded Camo Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 21:20:41 JCy19 Kill Awarded Borete Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:22:52 Frodo Kill Awarded ZheKraut Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 21:22:55 Melkor Kill Awarded 10Bears Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 21:24:39 Cobra Kill Awarded Apache Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:24:52 Cobra Kill Awarded Ripsnort Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:24:52 Corwin Kill Awarded TheFatz Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:24:54 JCy19 Kill Awarded RangrBob Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:25:11 Sunchasr Kill Awarded FilaDawg Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:25:11 Rraf Kill Awarded Goth Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:25:58 JCy19 Kill Awarded ElGuapo1 Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:27:18 kbman Kill Awarded MRPLUTO Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 21:31:55 Corwin Object Destroyed F16BMH3 1000lb GP Bomb
6-15-01 21:36:57 Rraf Kill Awarded passao Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:37:32 Rraf Kill Awarded Hajo Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 21:42:06 kbman Kill Awarded DVx Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:43:03 StuB Kill Awarded DAMlePro Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 21:45:36 Rraf Kill Awarded GIJeff Bf 109G-2

The second frame was a victory for the Allied bombers. 4 of the 5 bomber hangars were destroyed in the air battle. Second Frame Scores Follow:

6-15-01 22:29:09 Camo Kill Awarded pollock1 P-47D-11
6-15-01 22:31:55 Camo Kill Awarded Scooterr P-47D-11
6-15-01 22:35:40 Mathman Kill Awarded PropNut P-47D-30
6-15-01 22:42:27 oORKAo Kill Awarded CRASH177 P-47D-30
6-15-01 22:43:26 10Bears Kill Awarded Puke B-26B
6-15-01 22:44:22 Ripsnort Kill Awarded Nifty B-26B
6-15-01 22:45:02 ZheKraut Kill Awarded hoodcrow B-26B
6-15-01 22:45:06 supongo Kill Awarded daddog P-47D-25
6-15-01 22:45:32 Mathman Kill Awarded festus B-26B

6-15-01 22:25:06 Zig Kill Awarded FilaDawg Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:29:34 Rraf Kill Awarded RA Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:31:37 Zig Kill Awarded Wotan Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:38:31 CRASH177 Kill Awarded Oct Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:38:44 Zig Kill Awarded CraigUS Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:39:31 Puke Kill Awarded GIJeff Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:40:43 StuB Kill Awarded SwoopGB Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:40:57 festus Kill Awarded paintMAW Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:42:21 kbman Kill Awarded MRPLUTO Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:43:30 hoodcrow Kill Awarded 10Bears Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:44:04 Toad Object Destroyed F16BMH0 1000lb GP Bomb
6-15-01 22:44:05 Nifty Object Destroyed F16BMH3 1000lb GP Bomb
6-15-01 22:44:35 Toad Kill Awarded TheFatz Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:44:39 Toad Kill Awarded Ripsnort Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:44:53 hoodcrow Kill Awarded Apache Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:45:02 festus Kill Awarded mrfish Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:45:02 Toad Kill Awarded RangrBob Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:45:10 festus Object Destroyed F16BMH1 1000lb GP Bomb
6-15-01 22:50:56 Sunchasr Kill Awarded Camo Bf 109G-2
6-15-01 22:51:12 Rraf Kill Awarded supongo Bf 109G-6
6-15-01 22:52:10 AKcurly Object Destroyed F06BMH0 1000lb GP Bomb
6-15-01 22:52:11 kbman Object Destroyed F06GNG3 Bullet
6-15-01 22:52:12 kbman Object Destroyed F06GNG8 Bullet
6-15-01 22:57:32 anRky Kill Awarded Mathman Bf 109G-6

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V-1 Raid -- Friday Night Event -- 6/15/01
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2001, 11:16:00 AM »
That was my first "Check Six" and it was a lot of fun.

The Allied bombers need to do a bit of mission study prior to the 1st mission.    ;) We did a little better the second frame when we actually knew what we were going after!

WELL DONE! to A16 pilots Hoodcrow and Puke, Festus and Nifty, and the A6 force of Sunchaser and Curly, the "never say die" buff pilots.

All I can say is I hope the Allies get more ESCORTS today! Last raid on 16 we had 4 guys covering us. Not quite enough if HQ wants to see any of their bombers come home again!

Still, a good matchup. Look forward to the next frame.

Oh, yeah. Ozark, can you make it so that it only takes 2000# to kill a buff hangar? As it is the B-26's carry 4k which will only kill one. So basically one buff per hangar. Might even it out a bit if one buff could get 2 hangars if he gets through.

BTW, anyone who thinks buffs are "too tuff" in AH should volunteer to fly one on this mission. The first frame we had a tight formation of 5 26's and we got sliced and diced by the 109's.

The second frame went better for us because the 109's played with the jugs too long and wound up in tail chases as we closed on the base. THAT is still not a good idea in AH  ;)

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V-1 Raid -- Friday Night Event -- 6/15/01
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2001, 11:17:00 AM »
Rolled in a B-26 only minutes after I arrived at the base as a replacement pilot. By the time I started my engines a formation of B-26's were lifting off the runway lead by Major "cobra".  It took me about 15 minutes to catch up to their formation over the North Sea.  It was a tight formation and I requested taking the right wing of Lieutenant "corwin". Our mission was to destroy the large hangers that were housing "Heavy Water" and some new type of "V1 Rockets".   Our particular target was at a field north of Bergen Norway.  A large field protected by various anti aircraft batteries.

Cobra chose a flight path that would vector us south of our target and then turn North for our run to drop on the hangers. Little did we know that the LW were circling like the vultures they are waiting for us. When we were South and a bit West of our target they dropped on us.  Rumor has it they were led by the notorious pilot "ripsnort" who I was told has this particular call sign because of sever nasal problems.  The first wave tore into our formation like a pack of savage wolves. One bomber exploded in a brilliant flash. I lost my right engine and a piece of my right wing.  Our escorts were very busy. My co-pilot who was silent up to this point fainted dead away. My top and tail gunners managed to down two fighters with the assistance of our brothers in formation.  With only one engine and falling out of formation I requested permission to dive and make a run on our target. Major cobra agreed and wished me luck. I hardly had time to turn north and dive when another pack of wolves dove in. My gunners were preoccupied with damage repair and only had time to shoot one last 109 when "ripsnort" himself blew my tail gunner and horizontal stab completely off.  This began a flat spin that I could not recover from. At 4000 feet when all the crew had bailed out I grabbed my co-pilot and bailed out. The sea was cold and gray.  I was picked up by a sub crew 6 hours later.  I think only one bomber hanger was destroyed by Lieutenant "corwin".

Considering my success as a bomber pilot they promptly transferred me to a P-47.  This was not nearly as successful.  Leadership was lacking and Captain "toad" agreed to take over the bomber formation.  Myself and Lieutenant "crash" stayed close to the bombers but about 1/3 of the way across the North Sea enemy ships spotted my P-47 and ack started to pepper the air about me. Suddenly a loud SMACK startled my thoughts of my recent vasectomy and fuel started pouring out of my main fuel tank.  In four minutes I was out of fuel and switching to my Aux tanks. Thankfully I took two 75 gallon tanks, but this would make for some difficult dog fighting. Was not long before some 109's began to attack our bomber formation below.  I dove to assist and was too late to help "crash" who had been protecting the bomber formation and was dancing with several 109's. I managed two good bursts into the one that downed "crash".  That 109 was seen heading back to Norway smoking heavily.  Another 109 was on my six and after shaking him once or twice he finally managed to shoot me down on the coast of Norway.

<S> To all who attended. It is rare that I can attend the Friday night Snapshots and had a great time. Thanks for hosting Ozark.  :)
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V-1 Raid -- Friday Night Event -- 6/15/01
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2001, 08:04:00 AM »
Whats odd is, I'm creditted with 1 kill in the first frame, however, my text buffer, and my guns, showed that I shot down 2 buffs in the first frame.  I had to hit the silk shortly after, but my buffer had already recorded the 2nd kill.

Was a blast!

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V-1 Raid -- Friday Night Event -- 6/15/01
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2001, 04:45:00 PM »
Actually Rip,

Your last kill was me, and you hit the silk first and the text buffer recorded the kill to me, and then I hit the silk and you got credit for me.


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V-1 Raid -- Friday Night Event -- 6/15/01
« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2001, 07:53:00 AM »
sri wrong thread

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