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"Rabaul" AAR
« on: November 13, 2000, 09:08:00 AM »
Ran the first frame as posted and it was quickly obvious that the Zeke's were outmatched. No zeke recorded any kill, all zekes were wiped out to the last man.

Marianias Turkey Shoot indeed!
Kills awarded were
Harppa 2 kills, Camo & Kaitsu
NathBDP 3 kills, Tumio, Nicet, Starbird
Zigrat  1 kill, Mora
Wilbus 1 kill, Janjan
Hamish 1 kill, Daddog
Warchild, 1 kill, Mosca
Storm, 1 kill, Jarsci

Total Allied victory.

At this point since we had time we tried a quick 2nd frame, F4U-1D's vs N1K2-J's.

This turned out to be a very close fight, ended up a tie with each side haveing 2 fighters survive.

Because this 2nd frame turned out so well, (and the first so poorly) I went with the F4U-1D vs N1K2-J matchup for the 9:00 est frame.

This also was a very close fight, and ended up as a tie. Axis had a slight number advantage (Allied disco's?) going into the fight.

Kills awarded
Warchild 5 kills,
SkyRdr, pageflip, Nicet, Ypsilon, Starbird
Hangtime, 3 kills, Washout, dvulture, DANIKO2
Hamish, 1 kill, Mitsu
Ammo 1 kill, Daddog

Ypsilon 2 kills, PC, Camo
Bigjoe 2 kills, Hamish, Ammo
Washout 1 kill, Storm
Mitsu, 1 kill, camel
starbird, 1 kill, MrRipley

Congrats to all!

Maj Ghosth
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AH Trainer Corp

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"Rabaul" AAR
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2000, 01:49:00 AM »
Oh DARN what a bummer i missed that one !!

Hope to be in the next F4U-1D Event