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Thursday's TOD AAR
« on: August 31, 2000, 09:58:00 PM »
Well, the fog of war struck the USSR hard tonight.  A force of 4 LA5s was flying top cover for a force of 4 Typhoons who were heading to the last reported position of a German armour column.

Unfortunately, one of the LA5s was lost on takeoff.  (Udie, be sure to  remove the control locks next time)

Next, the top cover was hit by "friendly" AA fire over the HQ building en route to the panzer column, resulting in the removal of Sox from the formation.  The remaining two LA5s (BD and Fury) then encountered a force of 5 FW 190s who arrived in a superior tactical position.  Despite their valiant efforts to cover their comrades in the typhoons, BD and Fury were overwhelmed by the Germans' superior numbers.  Fury went down in flames with several FWs on his tail, while BD died in his plane, below bail-out height, while drawing at least 12 FW 190s away from his comrades.

Reports state that Sox later landed his smoking plane LA5, after recovering from the disorientation of the AA hits.  Meanwhile, Suave managed to nurse his wrecked typhoon back to base after successfully attacking the enemy armour.

Suave has been recommended for a Hero of the Soviet Union medal.  The crews of the AA positions at the HQ have been court martialled and shot.

Thanks again Sabre and Jarbo!

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