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TOD gets back on track this Thursday...
« on: September 05, 2000, 02:49:00 PM »
We're planning a couple of air-ground battles for the TOD guys this Thursday and Saturday (a repeat of last Thursday's mission).  I've asked for volunteers in the General BBS to drive the armored assault column.  Because of balance issues, the Red Air Force was anhilated when we tried this the first time; so I have declared it a "do over."  This time out, I'm going to adjust the side ratios a bit, and change some arena settings that may have contributed to the Soviet debacle.

Here's the premise again: The Wehrmach is making a local counterattack against a Red Army supply depot in order to spoil a planned Soviet offensive. The Germans are supporting the attack with fighter cover. For their part, the Russians are mainly equiped with local defense fighters with virtually no air-to-ground capability. Fortunately, a recent British Lend-Lease shipment included a hand-full of Typhoon fighters. They are all that stands between the Germans and the supply depot, so they're sent into the fray even before the Red Air Force can even repaint them in Soviet colors.

The armored column will consist of tanks, flakpanzers, and troop-tracks. Their chore will be to go from a spawn point to the supply depot and attempt to damage it. The Russians will attempt to stop them, while the Luftwaffe will attempt to protect them.

So come on out.  If you haven't registered for TOD, e-mail me ASAP so you can fly.  If you're registered but have already died (unless you died last Thursday, in which case you're actually still alive), come help us by driving in the armored column. Thanks.

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