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Snapshot goes Armor
« on: June 11, 2000, 08:45:00 PM »
For next week, we will  try a tank vs tank setup.
RedWing will CO one side & I'll take the other. Since we currently have only Panzers for tanks we'll leave the
Allied vs Axis aspect out of it this time.

Snapshot Armored June 18

V 38 vs V39, CO's will try for a 75% panzers 25% M16's balance. M16's to be used for recon, pathfinding,
etc. Each side is allowed 1 C47 to be driven by the CO for recon & capture purposes.  Frame will last aprox
2 hours or until one side "captures" the others base. This is a one life to live event,  icons will depend on what
ver of AH we have on sunday. Briefing at 3:00 EST,  roll time estimated  3:15. Registration is NOT required,
however we do ask that people be prepared to change sides for balance if asked.