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AAR ToD Sept 14th "McArthur"
« on: September 15, 2000, 02:38:00 AM »
Hi guys!

Here's the AAR I sent to Jarbo and Sabre.  Thanks for the fun, I hope to see you again on saturday!

The IJN took a beating in this mission, but wait till we meet again!  


Hi Jarbo and Sabre!
Here's my AAR from tonight's ToD mission.
I flew a N1K2 on the axis side.  Our mission was to shoot down the B26 that had Gen McArthur on board.
The IJN forces had split into two, I lead the first group, our orders were to take care of the escort fighters.  The pilots in our group were Camo, Jarsci, 2Cool, dvldog and chaunc.  We were all on RW.
We took off from A34 and headed W towards the sea at 200ft altitude.  The allied planes were anticipated to head to A25.  Shortly after we had crossed the shoreline, we encountered the allied forces.   We immediately turned towards the land and grabbed altitude.
The allies' forward sweep turned towards us and engaged. Also our bomber busting group was overwhelmed by the amont of P47s.  2Cool was shot down by Nash.  2Cool bailed safely over water.  Jarsci and I headed N along the coastline and suddenly spotted 2 B26's skimming the sea.  We immediately attacked, I got the trailing bomber smoking.  As I pulled up after the attack, I was engaged by 3 P47's and forced to break off.  I managed to shake them off, though.
Jarski went in and managed to shoot down the trailing B26, giving me an assist of GronK.  Jarski got 4 P47's on his tail and was shot down by Storm.  He also managed to bail safely.  I believe also the rest of my group had been shot down by now.
I was harrassed by 3-5 P47's and was dodging left and right, taking snapshots when ever something flashed past my sights.  I received numerous hits but luckily no damage!  The rest of our team seemed to go after the remaining B26.  I was too busy to be able to do that.  Suddenly I noticed a P47 diving on me.  I pulled into a tight turn and scissored him.  He went into a spin and crashed, giving me the kill. I might have hit him earlier in the fight.  The pilot was Dinger.
I noticed that I was all alone, with some enemies E of me about 5km's away.  I headed south as fast as I could, as it appeared I was the only IJN pilot left.  The enemies didn't see me and I was able to get out of there alive!
As I headed back to base, I noticed that the target B26 had landed at A25.  I also knew the allies didn't have radar at this part of the combat area, so I headed there at about 6k alt.  As I arrived at the field, I noticed 2 P47's in landing pattern.  I made one pass at the other.  As I extended, the AAA hit my left elevator.
I noticed that there was a huge crowd of people around the control tower, so I thought that Gen McArthur must be there!  As I am loyal to the imperial flag, I decided I must try to finish my mission by destoying the tower and the general inside!   I pushed my plane into a dive and strafed the tower.  Tracers from the AAA whizzed past my canopy as I pulled away.  Then I heard a loud bang as my engine seized!  I had excess speed from the dive so I continued north towards friendly ground.  I managed to glide far enough and ditch safely.  I set my plane on fire and walked to our nearby outpost V54.  I immediately contacted the navy and arranged submarine pickup for our downed pilots.


Attached are screenshots of my assist, kill and attacks on the airfield.  Here's also 2Cool's report:
Hi Jarbo, (and Camo & Sabre/Rojo)
This AAR is short: I was on Camo's wing when P47's came into wiev. We turned NE over water climbing a little on the way. Quickly I spotted a P47 closing fast from high 6. I turned left and dived, but he came in too fast. Nash shot my N1K2 full o' holes and the plane went into an uncontrollable spin. Uncharasteristically to IJN policy I had sneaked a parachute into my plane, however, and now I put it to good use. I landed into the Pacific Ocean  many many miles from costline (see the film, unfortunately started only after all this was over...). I realise I am unworthy of being in the service of the Emperor, but surely an IJN sub would pick me up? Please?. Pretty please?
Status: Bailed over water, no kills.



Results by pilot, IJN Flight #1:
Camo:     1 kill (Dinger), 1 assist (GronK), ditched S of V54.
Jarsci:     1 kill (GronK), bailed over water
2Cool:      Bailed over water
dvdldog:   MIA?
Chaunc:   MIA?


Thanks for the fun mission, cya again soon!  

XO, Lentolaivue 34

Brewster into AH!

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