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Mission Requests: Malta/CBI mission
« on: July 04, 2008, 12:31:09 PM »
Hey all.

Not sure if I still need to subscribe in order to make missions. Nor will my sister allow me to use this comp (her comp) to download more AH stuff :D

So I was wondering if anyone would have fun making a 'Forgotten War' mission (The whole China-India-Burma theater campaign type thing) or the bloody Malta campaigns. I was reading my copies of 'Spitfire Mark V Aces 1941-1945' and 'Late Marque Spitfire Aces 1942-1945' by Alfred Price and I was reading about what the RAF was able to do in Malta and in the CBI.

"Special Delivery" - March/April 1942
As many of us Spitfire aficionados know, Spitfires were being shipped via US/FAA carriers onto Malta in order to defend the place from the German bombs of Ju88's, escorted by 109F's. Perhaps this can be a 2 part mission. Fuel-heavy Spitfire Vs launch off the carrier decks and (as usual in offline missions, time can be fast forwarded, if you will, when the aircraft warp after take-off to the fighting portion of the mission) escorted by Wildcats (in the actual war, the spitfire V's were Vc's, carrying little ammo and a lot of fuel. They were essentially traveling to Malta in order to fit the RAF with needed matérial so escort was needed), can help fight off 109F's intercepting them. The second mission can be actual defense of Malta. Defense is done by Spitfire V's and and Hurricane IIc's shooting down Ju88's and 109F's. In the whole Blitz of the tiny island of Malta, more bombs fell on Malta itself than during the entire Blitz on London.

"General Slim's Retaliation" - February 1944
On February 6, 1944, Japanese troops were attempting to siege the area via cover from heavy foliage and keep the defenders in. General Slim realized that he needed to airlift supplies in order to keep the siege from being successful. Resultantly, C-47's and C-46's had to be escorted and protected when flying into the area. Slim used Spitfire VIII's in order to do so. Heavy fighting ensued with what was mostly Ki-43/44's (but of course, we could make due with the 2 early 1944 Japanese planes we have instead until we get our Oscar which is so asked for heheh  :D). By the end of the battle, on February 23rd, only 3 transports were shot down by the Japanese.

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