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CH FFx Problem
« on: August 11, 2001, 04:28:00 PM »
I had everything working fine on my old computer.  CH FFx, Pro Throttle (w/SpeedKeys), and TM Elite peddals (all serial gear). In the old box, the stick was seen by Windows as a "Force Fx Dx5 joystick throttle & rudder (serial)". It worked perfectly in all games, including AH.  My problem started when I built my new machine.  

When I select the "Force Fx DX5 joystick throttle" on my new system, the throttle and rudder *spike* the red in calibration (when moved to low throttle or right rudder).  The same occurs in-game (it locks into full throttle when I power back, and locks to full right rudder when I apply right rudder). The FFx works fine in the CH test app's and even in AH....just the throttle and rudders are porked. All drivers are current and running DX8.

Everything works when I select 3-axis, 4-button, rudders checked...and it calibrates fine.  But AH does not see it as FFx.  

So my question is, who here has a CH FFx stick and Pro Throttle (serial)?...and what does Windows recognize your stick as?

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