Author Topic: Tuesday June 1; Mosquito Air Racing in SEA 1  (Read 273 times)

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Tuesday June 1; Mosquito Air Racing in SEA 1
« on: May 31, 2010, 09:49:08 PM »
Tuesday June 1, 2010
10pm EST in SEA1
All Walk-ons are welcome but MUST read the MOTD
For course description and rules.

Aluskido 600 featuring the Mosquito

Terrain – Aluetian
Country – Knights
Start Field – A-9
Take Off Direction – North EAST
Plane – Mosquito
Fuel Burn Rate – 2.0
Fuel Load – Your Choice
Communications – Vox and Text Channel 200
Views Enabled – F1 (Normal), F3 (external), F5 (God’s Eye)
Heats – 3
Laps Per Heat 6
Start Type – GullGutz
Finish – Flying Finish, Bomber Hanger Small Pad

Take off North EAST toward town

Fly Between Radar towers turning Right around Water Tower

Fly back to A-9

Left Turn around the Water tower* (You can yo-yo!)

Fly Through Right Side Bomber hanger big pad

Fly up and left around the first mountain top* (Stay behind top point)

Fly Down to A-9

Fly through Bomber Hanger on Small Pad

This ends the lap and the Race after 6 Passes/Laps

***You must be behind the highest point on Mountain through turn***

***You can Yo-yo the water tower on Field - Meaning if you fly below the top for half the length of Turn you can pull up and around to the Hanger. This will set you up nicely for the fly-through so no complaining!  :)

Good Luck all!  <<S>> LMK if any questions.

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