Author Topic: Aces High Extreme Air Racing League, Season 22 Race3: The Tri-Oval 400  (Read 331 times)

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Ladies and Gents, Season 22 is still young, with plenty of time to make a difference in the standings. This week features a brand new terrain, especially designed for racing. Terrain contains markers and objects not found anywhere else in Aces High. We have colored pylons, double decker barns, numbered hangers, goal posts, and even the Pyramids of Giza :O

Tonight's race (Tues Feb 15 10eastern/7 pacific) is a Daytona style race with the P51D. This is a great track for first time racers looking to cut their teeth, as well as seasoned vets considering making a return to the circuit.

Terrain is currently up in SEA1 for download, and track is set up for some practice time.  Pre race briefing takes place at 10PM eastern on VOX 200, with a parade lap shortly after. For full race details, including maps and description, check out the link below.