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December 2011 Sunday European Campaign
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The ANZIO operation was initially the plan of Winston Churchill himself in late 1943. Churchill understanding the situation facing Allied forces at the Gustav Line wanted to mass enough forces to out flank the resistance and move on to capture Rome. The Allied General Staff planners of the Italian campaign reviewed the plan and decided to implement the operation as a way to pull General Field Marshal Albert Kesselrings forces off of the Gustav line in order to capture the Abbey at Monte Cassino. The Abbey at Monte Cassino was a large Christian monastery established in the year 529 AD.  Where the monastery was constructed gave the occupiers a commanding view of the Rapido, Liri and Garigliano valleys. It also gave a grand view of several other peaks in the Apennine mountains region and the Rapido River. This made it the ideal command post for the German Wehrmacht’s defense of the entire Gustav line.

The German Wehrmacht was able to hold the Allied advance to Rome at Monte Cassino and the Gustav line during the winter blizzard in December of 1943. If the Allied forces could not dislodge the Germans from the Abbey fighting could continue for months in miserable conditions, hence “Beachhead ANZIO”.

This AH SEC event will recreate three key turning points of the Battle around ANZIO. We invite you to participate in this three frame event. So, strap on, buckle up, and hang on for what promise to be a great SEC event.

Battle Elements and Event Schedule

• December 3rd, Defend the Anglo-American Fleet
• December 10th, Battle of Cisterna
• December 17th, Destroy the Abbey at Monte Cassino

The planned length of a single frame is 2 hours.
Each frame starts at 8pm in the UK, 9pm in France/Germany, 10pm in Finland/Estonia and 3pm EST.

Event Design and hosting by Redtail7 assisted by dhyran
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