Author Topic: Rook Squadrons Coordinated Ops  (Read 631 times)

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Rook Squadrons Coordinated Ops
« on: July 12, 2015, 09:35:49 AM »
  I'm looking to working alongside another squadron(s) for my 47 Ronin "Squad Night"
each Thursday night at 9PM Eastern for some "joint operations".
  This cooperative effort will see each squad assigned a particular task for the main
mission. This could be a separate fighter sweep to BARCAP  between an enemy
airfield and a second field we might be trying to capture. It could be direct fighter
escort, it could be your squad in bombers for the hour or two it will run.
  I would be responsible for working up the "OPORDS" for each week's mission(s)
as well as the plane set to be used for that night. ie: it might be German or Japanese
themed, etc.. and getting them out to the squadron COs a couple of days in
advance for forwarding to their pilots.
  It is my thought that fleshing things out a bit, and involving other Rook squadron(s)
will result in some fun missions/strikes and may allow to a smaller degree, an
operational level of operations on the map. ie: op(s) not directed at a single
field, but spread out over several sectors.
  I'm not looking for a "horde" and these will not be "strat" or "HQ" runs.
Squadron Commanders who would like to give this a shot are encouraged to
PM me here on the board and include their squadron name, in-game handle and email
address. The email address will be used to disseminate the OPORDS each
week which will also include each squadron(s) planes/tasks for the evening.
  Depending on the level of interest, I think we can do a lot of fun stuff
cooperatively and beyond that, meet and fly with folks we don't normally
have the opportunity to fly with in the main arena.
  If you've got a pure "fighters only" squadron, there's a place for you.
If you've got a "GV operations only", there's a place for you.
Your squad does only bomber ops? No problem, there's a place for you.
  If you've got only two guys in your squad, perfectly fine. I'm not
concerned about size. My main concern is coordination and cooperation.
  I think we can have a lot of fun with this right out of the gate.

Best regards,
Commanding Officer
The 47 Ronin

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Re: Rook Squadrons Coordinated Ops
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2015, 11:37:16 AM »
What the hell are you doing? Trying to make the game fun or something????
Pies not kicks.

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Re: Rook Squadrons Coordinated Ops
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2015, 08:00:53 AM »
Precisely so! But only for one night of the week. The rest of the week we can
revert back to stale, same-old-stuff, gameplay. :)