Author Topic: Multi-Frame Scenerio's is all i wanna fly  (Read 419 times)

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Multi-Frame Scenerio's is all i wanna fly
« on: January 24, 2000, 01:24:00 PM »
I finally found a thread where Hitech clarifies that extra surcharges are planned, only for "Multi-frame" scenerios that involve a lot of organization.  Now "Multi-frame" scenerio's is the only thing i really want to be involved with, .. i don't care about flying for score in big arena's full of individualized pilots in any plane . .. .  I would like to be involved in organizing, . .and implementing wwii strategic thought, skills etc. and i would certainly help in the development of multi-frame scenerios.  If i have to pay 30$ for a month of AH general arena i probably won't do it very often. I don't enjoy it THAT much. If i could pay 20$ to fly one or two evenings a week, in a well organized, historically based scenerio that was scheduled to last 2 weeks, . .i'd be there.  I hope i don't piss anyone off by reiterating this request, and that is that i would like more flexibility in the amount of financial investment AH requires of us.  You see i work a lot, but i have a family, and it's hard to justify 30$ + surcharges to do what i want every now and then, when my daughter needs shoes . . . . . .ohh, .gotta go . .. here comes the barefooted little girl now . . .hehe