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Various PC parts
« on: August 07, 2012, 06:03:45 PM »
Need to clean out the ol' bin so offering up some random bits:

  • 1) 80mm Molex 4-pin Case Fan. Clear. BLUE LED.
  • 2) 80mm Molex 4-pin Case Fan. Red/Black NO LED.
  • 3) 60mm 3-pin Case Fan & Filter. Clear (Black Filter). BLUE LED.
  • 4) 80mm Molex 4-pin Case Fan. Clear. UNKNOWN LED (Green or Blue).
  • 5) 3.5" External Single 3-pin Fan Controller. Black. PCI Slot adapter missing, but will be included if found.
  • 6) 80mm 3-pin Case Fans (2). Black. NO LED. LINK
  • 7) 80mm Molex 4-pin Case Fan. Clean. NO LED.
  • 8) Stock AMD Heatsink and Fan. 3-pin. Lever Bracket locking. Thermal Paste cleaned off (sparse amounts left). Thermal Paste NOT Included.
  • 9) Go Green AMD "Power Saving" Button. May not work (never had software). Used to put PC to sleep by design.
  • 10) IDE Cables. Multiple around, some never used, some used. Black/Gray.
  • 11) 120mm Molex 4-pin Case Fan. Black. NO LED.
  • 12) 120mm Molex 4-pin Case Fan. Black. BLUE LED.
  • 13) 3-pin to 4-pin (vice versa) adapter. 2x 3-pin & 2x 4pin connections (1x male & 1x female of each).
  • 14) 2x USB Mouse to PS/2 Mouse Adapters

Everything is free unless buying in bulk. 3+ Items will require Shipping coverage ($10 per 3 items). Shipping methods: USPS (preferred), UPS, Fed-Ex.
More may be added as found.

The Aerocool M40 Cube Case is also still available. HERE. The Price is now $40 OBO + S/H (due to weight).

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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