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Converting Aces High Films to AVI
« on: February 28, 2013, 01:30:33 PM »
Updated: February 17, 2014

Why use the film viewer to do the conversion?  Why not use FRAPS/Bandicam?  FRAPS/Bandicam is great, but it will record any stutters in the film viewer, whereas the film viewer will save a fluid video for you.  Of course, FRAPS/Bandicam does save the audio for you and the film viewer, currently, does not.

Although, what you can do is convert the film using the film viewer with all the advanced graphics enabled, then turn down all the graphics, play it back using any audio recorder you want.  Using a real video editing program, you can them put it all together.

You would think this would be a trivial task.  However, the madness is in the CODEC selection.  When you want to save a film as an AVI, use one of the following CODEC's:

Cinepak Codec by Radius
Full Frames (Uncompressed)*
Microsoft Video 1
PICVideo MJPEG Codec

*Be careful using any uncompressed options as it can quickly run into the 2GB file size limit the standard AVI container has.  If this happens, simply chose the multi-file option and the film viewer will create multiple files in a folder , which can be put together in any decent editor.

If there is a "Compression" slider, set it to 100%.  It might work at less, but I have not gotten around to testing that.  If there is a "Configure" option for the CODEC, you are on your own.

The following CODEC's are known not to work.  This is not a film viewer limitation.  It is the nature of the AVI file format container.  The AVI container cannot cope with variable length data fields, which many CODECS create.
Indeo(R) video 5.10
Intel Indeo(R) Video R3.2
Intel Indeo(R) Video 4.5
Intel IYUV codec
Microsoft H.261
Microsoft H.263
Microsoft H.263A
PCLEPIM1 32-bit Compressor
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