Author Topic: We have a new Best Sortie!  (Read 781 times)

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We have a new Best Sortie!
« on: June 29, 2014, 08:49:37 PM »
Congratulations to AkRaVeN of the Arabian Knights!

8 Kills in a Spitfire IX with three Re-Arms!

That eliminates all 3 Kill Sorties from the Best Sortie Leader Board!

We also added one more 4 Kill Sortie by KOOL of the 327th Steel Talons. The new best sortie leader board will look like this once I begin updating them.

1   AkRaVeN   8   Spitfire Mk IX   Arabian Knights
2   jeffdn   7   Bf 109K-4   Lachender Teufelskopf Gruppe
3   KOOL   6   F4U-1   327th Steel Talons
4   Cargnico   5   Bf 109K-4   Lachender Teufelskopf Gruppe
4   Dantoo   5   F4U-1   9GIAP VVS RKKA
5   AKDogg   4   Fw 190A-8   Arabian Knights
5   BigRat   4   F4F-4   VF-17 "Jolly Rogers"
5   KOOL   4   Spitfire Mk IX   327th Steel Talons
5   Seighin   4   F4F-4   VF-17 "Jolly Rogers"
5   Selino30   4   F4F-4   VMF-222 ~Flying Deuces~
There must also be a flyable computer available for Nefarious to do FSO. So he doesn't keep talking about it for eight and a half hours on Friday night!