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Pilot walk about problems
« on: August 06, 2015, 10:34:14 PM »
Attached is a film showing a situation with the pilot near the storch hanger end of any V base runway.

While walking along the left edge of the runway, flag side, the pilot is stopped as if running into an invisible object. This problem extends maybe 100’ on down along the left side of the runway, and down to near the bottom of the runway bank.

The film demonstrates what I am trying to explain and is noted in the radio text box.

Vehicles, such as jeeps and m3’s, work fine in the same area. Jeeps roll over fairly easy in that area between the 37mm gun and the runway.

Speaking of jeeps, when on the 50 cal gun, the jeep driver disappears when the gun is swept right from about 5 degrees off the front to around 185 degrees to the rear.

And one more thing noticed with the pilot. No entry into the map room allowed by the pilot. Instead the pilot ends up on top of the map room. If the pilot looks down, the roof tiles disappear and the rooms below can be seen.

Finally, regardless of what it shows in the film, the pilot really did drop his chute….

Attachments : film, diag file, and psave file.