Author Topic: Best Landed Sortie List has been trimmed down  (Read 405 times)

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Best Landed Sortie List has been trimmed down
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:20:15 PM »
Looks like the Brewster was the one that shortened it, but it appears the Yak-7B apparently can grace the top 3 too.

Pilot   Best Sortie   
kappa           11   Bf 109F-4
Violator   8   Brewster B-239
AKIndrid   7   Yak-7B
kappa           7   Bf 109G-14
Sawzaw   6   P-39D
akELFY   6   P-40E
Zambelli   6   Brewster B-239
2cmex   5   Brewster B-239
Lazer           5   P-40E
Muttman   5   La-5FN
AKTap   5   P-47D-11
splash01   5   Brewster B-239
Branch37   5   P-40N
There must also be a flyable computer available for Nefarious to do FSO. So he doesn't keep talking about it for eight and a half hours on Friday night!