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CM Eye the squirrels with cameras
« on: February 03, 2016, 09:39:53 PM »
If you have never used Tower Godís Eye then you have missed one of HTCís greatest gifts to you as a player.  First you need to map the key.  On your clipboard go Options: Controls: Mapkeys: Views.  The second option down is CM Eye Move Forward.  Please map that key to F7 and save.  In Sea 1 the map is up for Combat Challenge Nefís Birthday Practice.  You can either go to that arena or build a custom arena.  In the arena, hit F5 to activate CM eye.  Pull your throttle back to only about 1/3.  Hold down F7 and you are off!   Hold down F7 to move forward.  To return to the tower simply hit F1.  Hit F5 and you are off again. The more throttle you use, the faster you move across the map.   Now, want to see the level that HTC puts into this game?  Hit F5 and fly slowly around the field.  By the Radar is a set of trees.  Behind those trees are two camouflage Quonset buildings.  In CM eye fly slowly inside.  Now post here and tell me the types of the three planes on the wall from the GI Identification charts?  No Smoking!  See what your uncle Plissken can teach you??? With the permission of HTC and youíre your friendly neighborhood CMs.  Ohhh, did you know the squirrels with cameras are for your protection?
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