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shadows and clutter
« on: April 07, 2016, 02:39:38 PM »
I was just testing out my new card and found a couple of things i am not sure about.

so I now have a ASUS strix 960 GTX 4G
  I put everything on full and ranged from 47 down to low 30's high 20's ... granted I won't be using it like this but I wanted to check how the card handled things.... all of this used a max of  657mb (which I have no idea about seemed light...I trim things back and it only drops to 450 odd). looked great and had stutters spits and farts but I expected that as I know I won't be playing at full graphics settings..
One thing I had trouble understanding is how rugged the shadows looked...very jumpy and this a setting I need to adjust?

Another thing I found with my mucking around

with my old card 7750 1G the Vbase south east of A1 gave me huge drop in frames down to 9frames when clutter in flight was unchecked... When checked it was steady at 53frames either side of it was fine.. Enviroment to none trees to just where they start to move object half...detailed terrain max... and on the slider below tree slider to half.....
This happened mainly when flying down the middle of the trees but the drop started on approach... This was when down tree top level and higher..the higher I got the less it dropped but only by small was still a huge overall drop

With the new card I get the same I said up top, I maxed out everything and was running about 30frames average....but that v base almost crashed the game...changed settings to a more reasonable all sliders max still but changed environment to 2 then 1 then none still got the same issue and same drop in frames but with this card it dropped to about 19 frames....turn off clutter in flight and all is steady over that Vbase....

My main question is about the shadows and what I might need to change for a smother shadow.... but I also saw a discussion about frame hits at v bases and that there were two types so I thought I would chuck in my findings of that one base....

sorry for the gobbledy goop explanation I will stop now and just read and tweak as the people who can relate issues better speak  :D 

oh I should add I have textures set to 1024
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