Author Topic: Release Version 1.0 Patch 0 Information (Sept 15, 2016)  (Read 1212 times)

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Release Version 1.0 Patch 0 Information (Sept 15, 2016)
« on: September 15, 2016, 03:10:49 PM »
Welcome to release Version 1.0 DX9/DX11 Patch 0.  This version was built and released on September 15, 2016.


If this is your first time running after the Beta you can do the following.

If you want, you will need to manually copy any skins and/or settings from the Beta to the pre-release folder.  After copying anything from the Beta, you may remove the Beta (using the Windows ICON in the Control Panel).

Perks, scores, and achievements are all live in this version.


Action: Fixed a bug where sound devices required a restart to take effect.
Action: Fixed an issue with cloud shadows flickering or fading out.
Action: Vehicles can no longer be seen outside of ground vis range.
Action: The voice transmit game id can now be moved like other GUI options.
Action: Fixed a high speed engine cut out with some planes.
Action: Increased the min size of hit sprites and made them slightly longer.
Action: Fixed The banana plant so it would not stop vehicles.
Action: Fixed the other peoples jet stop sound.
Action: The mouse should now remain active if the Supply button is shown.
Action: Vset will now take 0x hex values for integer variables, this fixes the upload settings to host issue.
Action: Fixed an issue with achievements not being scored correctly for those that required successful landings.
Action: Flashing icons now invert colors instead of flashing red.
Action: VR & TIR zero head position is now adjusted by the saved (F10) position.
    To adjust the head position simply move your head with VR and press F10 to save it.
   This should work with all views.

   To default the head position remove your head set (DK2 this will not work)  press home and then F1.
Action: There is now a disable mode switch message option in the "Map Controls" dialog.
Action: Added some debugging traps to try an isolate a CTD issue.
Action: Fixed an issue with the DX11 clipboard not lighting correctly on the title screen.
Action: Lowered a hut that was above ground in the Tank Town object.
Action: Possibly fixed the issue with wide screens (more then 3k) which could not move windows all the way to the right. 
    This needs to be tested.
Action: If stick settings and mappings are now separated in VR and none VR mappings. On first entry to VR it will copy any non VR settings to the VR settings.
Action: Added an open port failure message if the voice port could not be opened.
Action: Added small air field to the map set.
Action: Film viewer full screen mode is now operational
Action: Fixed an issue where supply drops were not showing parachutes.

Additional Information:
Use the ".psave filename" command to save your position in the terrain/world.  If you do not provide a file name, then file will be saved as "cmepos.txt" in the "settings" folder.  Thank you!

Thanks for the help with the creation of Aces High III.

HiTech & Crew


Note, we have had many reports of Avira, Avast, Norton, and Kaspersky false triggering on the patch files as well as the entire installation file.  Either include the file name in the ignore list of your anti-virus, or disable your anti-virus before updating/installing to mitigate the false triggers.

Full Version 1.0 Patch 0.

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