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Aces High 12 Hour Scenario - Tunisia - October 22nd, 2016
« on: September 21, 2016, 08:47:13 PM »
In November, 1942, the Allies launched Operation Torch and landed forces on the northern coast of Africa.  The Axis, which had been fighting the British and Commonwealth in North Africa since 1940, now had to defend on two fronts, one with the US 12th Air Force and one with the British and Commonwealth Western Desert Air Force.  The Allies initially made rapid progress in hammering the Axis back into Tunisia, but a series of reinforcements enabled the Axis to stand firm and by December to regain some lost territory.  In January, 1943, the 12th AF moved aircraft closer to the action, and there were numerous battles back and forth, with neither side gaining the upper hand.

Now it is February, 1943, and it is time to decide which side will prevail.

This Scenario focuses on the Axis's western front with the P-38's, Spitfire's, P-40's, P-39's, A-20's, B-25's, B-26's, and B-17's of the US 12th Air Force vs. the Bf 109's, FW 190's, C.202's, Bf 110's, and Ju 88's of the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica.

There will be fighter combat, bomber intercepts, escorting, bombing, ground attack, and anti shipping, as each side tries to cut off the enemy's supplies, to kill the enemy's aircraft, and to destroy the enemy's ground forces and infrastructure.

Please join us for this day of battle over the deserts of Tunisia.

Date and Time

This is a single-frame, 12-hour format.  People are not expected to fly all 12 hours of the battle (although they can if they want to) but to fly what portions of it they desire.  Takeoffs are enabled on each hour mark, with takeoffs enabled for 5 minutes before fields are closed.  Walkons are welcome and will be assigned to whichever side is lowest in numbers at that time.

October 22, 2016.

Show-up Time is 11:30 am Eastern (8:30 am Pacific, 4:30 pm London, 3:30 pm UTC) for those initiating the battle.
End of hostilities is midnight Eastern (9 pm Pacific, 5 am London, 4 am UTC).
Special Events II arena.
There must also be a flyable computer available for Nefarious to do FSO. So he doesn't keep talking about it for eight and a half hours on Friday night!