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Re: blur
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could just be expectations vrs reality. Figured it would look close to desktop inside the head set, but was more like going back to old laptop graphics. Which was OK, but nowhere near as great as my new desktop. I am having harder time trying to explain what it is I am trying to explain :bhead

There is a trade off with VR. The current level of resolution is just not as good as a 4K or 1080p monitor but with the current version of AH it is IMHO very acceptable and almost all gauges are clearly readable. The trade off is being in the plane! Also as mentioned above, finding the best position of the rift on your face can make a big difference. It is your distance vision that you are using in the rift. If you wear glasses for distance, and don't wear them in the rift it can make a difference. Because of cataracts I just had lens replacement giving me 20/20 again and it made a difference in the sharpness of the view.



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Re: blur
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I wear my glasses, but only to see with lol. Yeah, I was just a bit disappointed with the resolution in the headset. It was a step backwards from the monitor. True the  In the plane does make up for a bit of the let down. Only thing now, is just a bit of fine tuning? Is there a way to reduce the brightness inside the head set? Its a bit too much for me, I will admit though that my eyes are a bit sensitive to certain things. I have MS and my eyes are pretty much the only thing I have recurring issues with, other than just severe fatigue. I dont let it stop me though. It would be alot better if I could mute the brightness just a bit, the colors are off for me a bit, but dulling the bright would probably fix that a bit. So far the only color changes I can make only affect the monitor display and not the head set. Even the gamma slider in options/graphic details has no effect. I went ahead and purchased a upgrade graphics card, who knows might clear some stuff up a bit, will make it run a bit better anyway. My current card was struggling. Its still a new tech thing and can only get better, so not the end of the world.
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