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Letter to the FSO Community
« on: February 25, 2009, 10:53:37 PM »
Special Events attempts to bring a more realistic and challenging atmosphere to Aces High online gaming experience. Every attempt is made by the CM’s to use planes of the particular era. Designs are painstakingly created in an attempt to have action for all involved but with some amount of  flexibility left for the side CiC to maneuver and plan. CiC are tasked with defensive and offensive objectives. They are spending hours piecing together orders that will be followed by the assigned squads. Their overall objective is to win for their side, a victory. The key word here is “side”. No individual or squad receives any perk points. As ghostdancer states;

“FSO is a team event. Where the action of all pilots and squads are important. It is not and never has been an event about just killing other planes or blowing things up. It has always been an event where both sides struggle to achieve their objectives more successfully than the other side.”

When a squad registers for Friday Night Squad Ops they are agreeing to participate within the rules, guidelines and spirit of that event. Using tactics such as diverting ack by bailing out over a base or task group or any other gamey trick used to increase scoring have no place in this event. Following orders are paramount and will be adhered too. If you are assigned bomber escort that is exactly what you do. If the enemy passes and does not attack your bombers or you, report them on country channel and command channel. Give all pertinent information, altitude, type of plane, number of planes and direction of flight. This will let the CiC and defenders know an attack is eminent and with enough information to counter it.

Friday Night Squad Ops is not for everyone and it wasn’t meant to be. ROC has stated this very well;

“we are not looking for a rule for every gimmick you can come up with, we are looking for players with a better perspective on the event than this.  Clearly, this event is not for everyone.”

Ladies and Gentlemen it has come to the point where squads that find it difficult to participate as part of the team will be warned and then removed if there is a repeat of  the conduct.

Canvass your squad and make sure everyone is willing to participate as a member of the team. If there is any doubt please remove your squad from the event. There are over 500 people participating. They are taking 2 plus hours of Friday night from their families and friends to attend this event. Most of them take it much more seriously then “just a game” and deserve the respect from all who register to keep it at level or two above “just a game”.

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