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Aces High Default Tiles.
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:37:35 AM »
The file contains the default .til and .swa files for AH objects.

The file contains the default bitmaps.

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Re: Aces High Default Tiles.
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Cool, Thanks!
Easy in-game again.
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Re: Aces High Default Tiles.
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Re: Aces High Default Tiles.
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Thank you HiTech!  :rock
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Re: Aces High Default Tiles.
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I'll write this for everyone starting from the beginning.

For the purpose of this basic discussion, you are expected to have a working terrain using the ETO summer terrset00. Hereafter called myterrain.

(These should be the same links at the top of this thread)
Download the terrsets zip file:
Download the trees & sq tile zip file:;topic=387747.0;attach=27732
And you might as well download the detail zip file:
This file contains textures for cracked mud, asphalt, brick and concrete etc.

Use Windows Explorer to view and copy files, or extract the folder with a utility such as WinZip or 7-Zip.
The extracted files and folders will hereafter be called the download.

From the download, copy the folder terrset00 into your folder myterrain. It contains nothing but text files and a dot scc file.
Open the file atlas0.txt. now and read the first line to understand what follows.

The line is the directory path the TE and OE will use: atlas,C:\art\ah2\stdtexnew\atlas\terrset00

Of course now that you see it, you know that path won't work and the fix is simple.
Make the path local. Edit the line to read: atlas
without the comma or any path at all and save.
The path will now default to the myterrain project & terrset00.

Repeat for:

and optionally for these if you intend to replace or modify them. Otherwise, they can be deleted. The textures for these atlas can be found by following the hinted paths in the atlases.
catlas0.txt   (atlas required for the grayscale ground clutter textures)
catlas1.txt   (atlas required for the grayscale ground clutter textures)
Serious work beyond simple modifications to the diffuse textures should include all the atlases & named textures.

This completes the path changes, now moving on to the textures.

Inside the terrset00 folder, add a new texsrc folder to hold the terrain textures.
C:\Hitech Creations\Aces High III\ah3terr\myterrain\terrset00\texsrc\

You could copy the entire 1016 and 508 folders into the new texsrc folder but this will create a massive terrain due to too many textures. Instead, use only the textures called for in atlas0 and atlas1 etc.

In the download folder, find and open the 1016 folder.
This folder contains every 'large' 1016 x 1016 texture used in every current terrset used in the game.

You must copy all the textures needed to fulfill those called for in the atlas1.txt file so it may be helpful to have the text file open while you do this. For initial experimenting, you can if you wish, copy over only the diffuse textures and the TE will use the supporting default textures, _n, etc. If you will be making changes to the supporting textures, _n, xxclutter, reflections etc., for your modified diffuse texture, be sure to include the atlas(es).

Rinse and repeat for the 504 x 504 textures.

Included in the basic download is a 'detail' folder with some of the textures called for in the secondary atlases.  If you decide to modify the textures you will need both the atlas, which overrides the default, and the textures. The same principle applies to sq. tile objects as well.

The directory for myterrain:
C:\Hitech Creations\Aces High III\ah3terr\myterrain\
...terrset00 folder
........texsrc folder
............texture bitmaps
........spdtree folder
............swa folder
................swa files
............swaobj folder (swb files)


In your terrain, myterrain, create a folder named spdtree inside the terrset00 folder.
C:\Hitech Creations\Aces High III\ah3terr\myterrain\terrset00\spdtree

In the second download listed above, navigate into the terrset00 folder.

Copy the entire swa folder.
Paste the swa folder inside the spdtree folder just created.
C:\Hitech Creations\Aces High III\ah3terr\myterrain\terrset00\spdtree\swa

Open the OE.
Select New.
A Properties window appears.
Leave unchecked "Is Square Tile Object", this will be for a terrain tile.
In the Active TerrSet box, select Europe Summer (terrset00.res)
Click OK and continue.

Select Open Terrain Tile
Browse to your texture in myterrain\texture00\texsrc
The default trees should appear, if not, save, close the OE and reopen it.
If problems continue, confirm the dot swa files were not deleted in the save.

Remember to clear the cache files if your changes don't display.
The OE creates the swa file.
The TE creates the swb file.
The TE can not display the trees until the swb file is created and the show trees box is ticked.

The editors are a moving target and your mileage may vary.
Easy in-game again.
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