Author Topic: Unable to Create Arena  (Read 953 times)

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Re: Unable to Create Arena
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2017, 03:30:05 PM »
Because the system is set up so that we can have xx number of 16 player arenas yy 32 player arenas ........... with a configuration table.

I was right with you up to the word 'system'. You're talking pure fulltime programmer here HiTech, you're even thinking real-world numbers in bytes. I would remind you about rule #12  :old:

Sorry, not into that duelling stuff at all.  :old:

It's what Hermann Göring would've wanted  :rock

Besides, tomorrow afternoon I will take my son to his first Kindergarten visit  :banana:

Ah that's nice. A big day in a boy's life. By 5 O'clock he'll have two new girlfriends and his own parking place. Viel glück MiniLusche  :banana:

two more months and I will be free again.... FREEEEEEEEEEEE  :x

Errr, no.  :rofl

Better a bloody good fight and a loss than no fight at all.


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Re: Unable to Create Arena
« Reply #16 on: July 09, 2017, 04:27:23 PM »
Thank you.
Regular visits will only commence from August onwards tho... two more months and I will be free again.... FREEEEEEEEEEEE  :x
FREEEE he says? OH BOY! Good luck with that! Little bugger has you under his spell! True School age does have its advantages, no #2 huggies for starters, but you will never be FREEEEEE. Why I am glad I didnt know about this game until my kids were in their 20's. They would probably still be wearing diapers :rofl
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