Author Topic: 92nd Bombardment Group (Fortress Europe Squad)  (Read 444 times)

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92nd Bombardment Group (Fortress Europe Squad)
« on: April 29, 2018, 06:37:24 AM »
We are the B-17 Group for the Fortress Europe event being held the last Saturday of the month in Special Events Arena 2 (SEA2).  I will be ;leading this group with the help of other players.

The initial post in the Fortress Europe section of the Special Events part of the forum.,392196.0.html

The initial test phase has been completed and the event will be going live real soon.  Details will be posted when they become available about registering.  Walk on players will be accepted.

These will be the high altitude campaign bombing over Fortress Europe between the 8th Air Force and the Luftwaffe.  Air spawns will be implemented to get the action going faster plus allowing for long deep penetration of the enemy territory.

The Bomber Guys, the informal group of bomber enthusiasts, have been chiseling out the procedures for all new players and players not familiar with bombing to be able to blow some stuff up down below and allow for easy flying and plenty of time to shoot down those pesky LW bandits. 

We are inviting both players and squads to sign up for these missions.  Plus, we are hosting MA missions on Saturday nights in-between the Special Event nights.  The link for the MA missions.,392367.0.html

Everyone is having a blast!

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