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++Dogz of War++ (Recruiting) for MA & FSO
« on: June 25, 2018, 04:53:52 PM »
++Dogz of War++ is recruiting for players old and new. 

CO = awyoda
XO = Razor01

The Current Squad:
***We have a few new faces who's names are not coming to me (sorry about that, I am still learning). 


We are looking for players interested in attacking & taking bases in the MAs.  We do what we can to assist the chess piece we are on at the time to take bases and work toward the war effort.  Whether long range bombing enemy strats, porking bases, or simply just mixing it up, we are goal oriented when we come together. 

We are trying to build a premier FSO squadron.  FSO is the Friday Squad Operations.  We receive objectives and orders early in the week and then plan.  Then show up Friday night and implement the plan.  We intend to fly our first FSO frame in August.  For now, we are flying with G3-MF in FSO. 

++Dogz of War++ currently rotates countries each month (we change on the 1st of each month). 

Current Country = Rook (June)

Bishop (1 July)
**Rinse & Repeat

If you are possibly interested, please reach out to me either here on PM, or in game.  I am SERBERUS in game.

We do our best to play every aspect of what AH is.  We will work with anyone that wants to learn something about the game they don't know about or how to do.  I personally lack in the fighter category, but I am above average on all other parts of the game.  Every member is respectful and fun to be around online.

Hope to see some of you soon!


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Re: ++Dogz of War++ (Recruiting) for MA & FSO
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thank you slipknot! :salute

"Cry 'havoc', and let slip the Dogs of War"