Author Topic: October FSO - Leaning into France 1941 - Frame 3  (Read 86 times)

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October FSO - Leaning into France 1941 - Frame 3
« on: October 16, 2018, 12:37:48 PM »

The Circus Operations that occurred during 1941 are considered by some to be the most brutal air operations of the war. No sooner had the defensive victory of the Battle of Britain been won, the ardent spirits in Fighter Command began looking for new laurels. Lord Trenchard had said it was time for Fighter Command to go on the offensive. He advocated for a system of sweeps across the channel over into France. The muse behind this was to gain air superiority over France by destroying the Luftwaffe on the ground, and in the air, and by having the Luftwaffe concentrate their forces in the Pas de Calais area. The RAF also hoped to destroy valuable military targets, as well as eventually be able to sneak into Germany.


Left guarding France from the RAF was the veteran units of JG2 and JG26. These two units alone did not make it easy for the RAF, and were distinguishable by their bright yellow noses. JG2 & JG26 were being led by some of the top guns in the Luftwaffe, Whilhelm Balthasar, Adolf Galland, Egon Mayer, & Gerhad SchÖpfel, just to name a few. The RAF on the other hand was being led by veteran pilots such as Douglas Bader, Howard Frizelle Burton, and Robert Stanford Tuck.


Side Split:

Allies: 52% Knight

Axis: 48% Bishop




Allies:                 Min/Max             Available Airfields

Boston Mk.3             Min 16                  A41, A40, A32

Hurricane MK.IIC         Min of 6                A37, A43, A44

Spitfire MK. V           Unlimited               A44, A41, A37


Axis:                   Min/Max             Available Airfields

Bf-109 E-4              Min of 12          A112, A102, A104

Bf-109 F-4              Unlimited           A113, A111, A119


Bomber Ordnance:         Max Load            Formations

Boston Mk. 3             4x500Lb’s           Enabled

Hurricane Mk.IIc         2x500lb’s           N/A


Event Objective:

The purpose of this FSO is to focus on escort, and interception, just like the RAF and Luftwaffe did during this period. The RAF is tasked with escorting their bombers and protecting them, as well as destroying the Luftwaffe. The RAF will be given two targets to hit. The targets will cover the following area:

The targets will start toward the coast, and by Frame 3 the RAF will be attacking targets further inland.


Scoring:                     Points

Single Engine Fighter         2 points

Twin-Engined Fighter           5 points

Bomber                       10 points

All Hangars                  45 points

Radar:                         15 points

All other field objectives    3 points

Guns/Town Buildings          1 Points

Pilot Survival Bonus          1 point



Arena Settings:

- BoB40 terrain

- Fuel burn 1.0

- Icons friendly 3k/enemy 3k

- 0.3 Ack

- Fighter and Bomber warning range 42,000 (about 8 miles)

- Tower range set to 42,000 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/fog full visibility (17 miles)

- Dot Radar: On above 22K

- Sector Radar (Bar Dar): off

- Enemy collisions on

- Friendly collisions off

- Killshooter off

- Time: 13:00 ( 1PM ) Game Clock

- Formations: On

- Formation Autopilot: On

- Bomber calibration: MA Standard

- Wind: 0K-2K NO WIND

           2K-18K W TO E - Speed 5

           18K-22K NW TO SE - Speed 10

          22K: Alt CAP Wind- 200 downdraft

-Revision 1.3

Edit: 10/1/2018

Removed the Spit Mk.1's, changed hangar point value to 45, Added the Radar to equal 15 points.
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Re: October FSO - Leaning into France 1941 - Frame 3
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