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Tuesday Night Races
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:32:04 AM »
I am planning on hosting these events.

Tuesday Team Tournament

This is a competitive event where players will be racing against the clock in four separate mini-events all held in SEA 2 Tuesday nights at 9PM EST/8PM CST.  Players will be divided into two teams, the Silver Team and the Gold Team, each led by a Team Captain.  Each mini-event will be run on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of each month with exception to a major holiday that falls on a competing Tuesday.  The winner of the Tournament will be the Team with the most points at the end of the calendar year.  Points can only be earned by players in uniform of Silver or Gold Team.  Each Team Captain will be responsible in recruiting team members and implementing a game plan for each event. 

Each month, a posting of the results will be placed in the BB forum.  Along with the top 5 spots for Tournament, Team and Individual categories.  A blank Excel book will be available for all who participate whom wish to track the results for themselves.  It is encouraged for Team Captains and other Team Leaders to request a blank copy.  An official copy for both Teams will be emailed out to those requesting them on a monthly basis. 

Jeep Race

The 1st mini-event will be the Jeep Race.  Players will start at the designated spot determined beforehand and on the text command GO!!!!  They will race overland to the pre-determined stop point and End Sortie for a successful landing covering two sectors on average.  This is a one life event.  Players will have 2 Vehicle Supplies to help Team members should a team mate suffer an accident and needs assistance.  Race is finished when all upright players have reached the finish line or all players have crashed and are unavailable for rescue.  The scoring portion will be based on number of players competing. Example : 34 players would place the first place racer score at 34 and each succeeding racer in line one point lower.  Each score would be multiplied by 100.  Players who don't finish race will be given a 0 score.

Base Capture Bonanza

The 2nd mini-event will be Base Capture Bonanza.  Players will fly C-47s with troops to capture enemy bases already prepped (all guns will be destroyed and town set with white flag).  Players will start at same airfield in center of map and take off with text command Go!!!!.  This is a one life event.  Event ends when all bases are captured or all players can no longer fly.  Scoring part will be based on airfield and base type. 

Port = 50 points (CV bonus of 25 points)
Vehicle Base = 50 points
Small Airfield = 100 points
Medium Airfield = 150 points
Large Airfield = 300 points

Total Annihilation

The 3rd mini-event will be Total Annihilation.  Players will fly the same bomber aircraft in destroying the most valid target objects.  This is a one life event with unlimited rearm and refueling, bombers with drones will be lost on first rearming and players will have to continue with single bomber for rest of event.  Players will launch from same airfield with text command Go!!!!  The event ends when all valid objects have been destroyed or all players can no longer can fly.  Each event will include one of each base in the beginning with more available as the event grows with more players.  A list of valid targets will be provided for with each event posting. 

Scoring will be as follows:
500 points for a hangar
100 points for fuel, troops, and ammo
50 points for radar
5 points for any gun
1 point for a town building. 

Bombers for the event as follows :
Boston III
G4M1 Model 11
Ju-87 D-3
Ju-88 A-4
Lancaster III
Mosquito Mk XVI
TBM - 3

Torpedo Run Alley

The 4th mini-event will be Torpedo Run Alley.  Players will fly the same bomber aircraft with torpedoes only to sink as many ships as possible.  Players will launch from same airfield on the text command GO!!!!.  All ship guns will be at the least amount of lethality.  This is a one life event with unlimited rearm and refueling, bombers with drones will be lost on first rearming and players will have to continue with single bomber for rest of the event.  The event ends when all ships have been destroyed or all players can no longer can fly. 

Scoring will be as follows:
1000 points for a carrier,
500 points for a cruiser,
100 points for a destroyer
1 point for a gun. 

Bombers for the event as follows:
G4MI Model 11
He-111 H J
u-88 A-4
TBM -3
These are non-combat events based on players not shooting at other players.  Everyone will be on the same country allowing both teams to communicate on local vox.  These events are meant to create fun and comraderies.  Each mini-event should last around one hour on average.

The Arena Settings will be the usual for MA.  Radar to see all jeeps and all aircraft and the ability to use your mouse to see the individual driver or pilot.  Killshooter will be ON.  Fuel will be set at 1.0.  Players will see what objects they destroyed.  There will be no wind.

At a later point after a few months, difficulty will be implemented and players will be notified with each mini-event posting.

With two teams at a max of 32 players, a total of 64 players can compete.  Should those numbers be reached around 25 each, then discussions could be reached for a third Team and so on.  Right now, the main focus is having fun and building the event.

The terrains will be the MA terrains for the Jeep Race, Base Capture Bonanza, and Total Annihilation.  The Special Events terrain Marianas will be used for Torpedo Run Alley with 17 ports.  A target rich environment from 17 carrier groups will be plenty to go around.

Those who are interested in being a Team Captain please post here.  Those who wish to participate post here also.  If you have squaddies and friends interested, then please provide an estimate joining you.

The soonest we can play with enough interest.
March 5th - Jeep Race
March 12th - Base Capture Bonanza
March 19th - Total Annihilation
March 26th - Torpedo Run Alley

Let's shoot for those dates in the Inaugural launch.

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